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On the analysis of random replacement caches using static probabilistic timing methods for multi-path programs

, utilising techniques from various other fields such as lossy compression, statistics and machine learning. Sebastian Altmeyer is Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent) at the University of Amsterdam. He

An extensible framework for multicore response time analysis

probabilistic hard real-time systems. Sebastian Altmeyer is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, where he has received a 2015 NWO Veni grant on the timing verification of real-time multicore systems ... Altmeyer 0 1 0 University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands 1 INRIA Paris , Paris , France In this paper, we introduce a multicore response time analysis (MRTA) framework, which decouples response

Fixed priority scheduling with pre-emption thresholds and cache-related pre-emption delays: integrated analysis and evaluation

Commercial off-the-shelf programmable platforms for real-time systems typically contain a cache to bridge the gap between the processor speed and main memory speed. Because cache-related pre-emption delays (CRPD) can have a significant influence on the computation times of tasks, CRPD have been integrated in the response time analysis for fixed-priority pre-emptive scheduling...

On the effectiveness of cache partitioning in hard real-time systems

–1258 Sebastian Altmeyer is an NWO Veni laureate at the University of Amsterdam and a post-doctoral researcher at University of Luxembourg. He has received his PhD in Computer Science in 2012 from