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Copy number rather than epigenetic alterations are the major dictator of imprinted methylation in tumors

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Aberrant DNA methylation in non-small cell lung cancer-associated fibroblasts

Epigenetic changes through altered DNA methylation have been implicated in critical aspects of tumor progression, and have been extensively studied in a variety of cancer types. In contrast, our current knowledge of the aberrant genomic DNA methylation in tumor-associated fibroblasts (TAFs) or other stromal cells that act as critical coconspirators of tumor progression is very...

Epigenomic analysis detects aberrant super-enhancer DNA methylation in human cancer

Background One of the hallmarks of cancer is the disruption of gene expression patterns. Many molecular lesions contribute to this phenotype, and the importance of aberrant DNA methylation profiles is increasingly recognized. Much of the research effort in this area has examined proximal promoter regions and epigenetic alterations at other loci are not well characterized. Results...

The DNA methylation drift of the atherosclerotic aorta increases with lesion progression

Background Atherosclerosis severity-independent alterations in DNA methylation, a reversible and highly regulated DNA modification, have been detected in aortic atheromas, thus supporting the hypothesis that epigenetic mechanisms participate in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. One yet unaddressed issue is whether the progression of atherosclerosis is associated with an...

DNA methylation profiling in breast cancer discordant identical twins identifies DOK7 as novel epigenetic biomarker

Using whole blood from 15 twin pairs discordant for breast cancer and high-resolution (450K) DNA methylation analysis, we identified 403 differentially methylated CpG sites including known and novel potential breast cancer genes. Confirming the results in an independent validation cohort of 21 twin pairs determined the docking protein DOK7 as a candidate for blood-based cancer...