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Tracking the emergence of synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is an emerging domain that combines biological and engineering concepts and which has seen rapid growth in research, innovation, and policy interest in recent years. This paper contributes to efforts to delineate this emerging domain by presenting a newly constructed bibliometric definition of synthetic biology. Our approach is dimensioned from a core set of...

A measure of knowledge flow between specific fields: Implications of interdisciplinarity for impact and funding

: Seokbeom Kwon, Jan Youtie. Data curation: Seokbeom Kwon, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. Formal analysis: Seokbeom Kwon, Gregg E. A. Solomon. Funding acquisition: Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. Methodology ... : Seokbeom Kwon, Gregg E. A. Solomon, Alan L. Porter. Project administration: Gregg E. A. Solomon, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter. 14 / 16 Resources: Alan L. Porter. Software: Seokbeom Kwon. Supervision: Gregg