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Quantum transfer-matrices for the sausage model

Abstract In this work we revisit the problem of the quantization of the two-dimensional O(3) non-linear sigma model and its one-parameter integrable deformation — the sausage model. Our consideration is based on the so-called ODE/IQFT correspondence, a variant of the Quantum Inverse Scattering Method. The approach allowed us to explore the integrable structures underlying the...

Integrable structure of Quantum Field Theory: classical flat connections versus quantum stationary states

We establish a correspondence between an infinite set of special solutions of the (classical) modified sinh-Gordon equation and a set of stationary states in the finite-volume Hilbert space of the integrable 2D QFT invented by V.A. Fateev. The modified sinh-Gordon equation arise in this case as a zero-curvature condition for a class of multivalued connections on the punctured...