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Cigarette smoke destabilizes NLRP3 protein by promoting its ubiquitination

Background Cigarette smoke suppresses innate immunity, making smokers more susceptible to infection. The NLRP3 inflammasome is a multi-protein complex that releases interleukin (IL) -1β and IL -18. These cytokines are critical for a timely host response to pathogens. Whether cigarette smoke affects NLRP3 protein levels, and its ability to form an inflammasome, is not known...

A checklist is associated with increased quality of reporting preclinical biomedical research: A systematic review

S1 Table. The list of articles included in this study. (PDF) S2 Table. Quality of reporting across time in each journal: Percent (%). (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: SeungHye Han, Doris ... M. Rubio, Janet S. Lee. Data curation: SeungHye Han, Kyle M. Holleran. Formal analysis: SeungHye Han, Kwonho Jeong. Funding acquisition: SeungHye Han, Tolani F. Olonisakin, Doris M. Rubio, Janet S

Short women with severe sepsis-related acute lung injury receive lung protective ventilation less frequently: an observational cohort study

Introduction Lung protective ventilation (LPV) has been shown to improve survival and the duration of mechanical ventilation in acute lung injury (ALI) patients. Mortality of ALI may vary by gender, which could result from treatment variability. Whether gender is associated with the use of LPV is not known. Methods A total of 421 severe sepsis-related ALI subjects in the...