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Short-term dewatering of treated oil sand fine tailings

Background The appropriate management of oil sand tailings requires a reduced environmental footprint of the waste containment facilities. This study models the short-term dewatering behavior of a 10 m deep deposit. Results Results indicated that inherent material properties along with hydraulic boundary conditions govern the rate and amount of consolidation. Conclusions The...

Unsaturated shear strength properties of a compacted expansive soil from Regina, Canada

The main objective of this research was to investigate the unsaturated shear strength properties of the compacted expansive soil from Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada). Laboratory investigations on a typical expansive clay (liquid limit of 77% and plastic limit of 27%) were conducted using both saturated and unsaturated samples. Results indicated that the SWCC had one AEV of 10 kPa...

Response to Liu et al.: Rebuttal to “Effect of seasonal weather variations on the desiccation behavior of treated oil sand fine tailings” by Owolagba and Azam (Environ Earth Sci 2015, 74(2): 1711–1717)

Regina , Regina, SK , Canada 2 & Shahid Azam The authors thank the writers of the rebuttal for their interest in the paper. This provides an opportunity to elaborate on the scope and results of the

Spatial variability in swelling of aggregated expansive clays

, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, SK S4S 0A2 , Canada 1 & Shahid Azam Expansive clays exhibit swelling due to water intake along with spatial variations when the soils are initially aggregated. The

Large-strain consolidation modeling of mine waste tailings

Background Sustainable management of mine waste tailings during operation, closure, and reclamation requires a clear understanding of modeling the large-strain consolidation behaviour of these loose and toxic slurries. A state-of-the-art was presented focusing on process phenomenology and coordinate systems for tailings dewatering thereby devising a simple constitutive equation...

A two stage model for moisture-induced deformations in expansive soils

Background Moisture-induced suction changes in expansive soils due to infiltration and evaporation result in failure of civil infrastructure. The objective of this paper was to develop a two stage deformation model by simultaneously calculating soil suction and stress state. The model predictions were validated using a one-year field monitoring data. Results Deformations in...