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Neuromyelitis optica (devic’s disease) in a 10 years old boy.

, manuscript writing, manuscript review Shahnaz Ibrahim: data analysis, manuscript writing, manuscript review Tillema JM , McKeon A . The Spectrum of Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) in childhood . Journal of Child

Acute childhood ischemic stroke: a pakistani tertiary care hospital experience

design, protocol writing, data collection, data analysis, manuscript writing, manuscript review Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim: Study concept and design, data analysis, manuscript writing, manuscript review Dr

An unusual presentation of neurononopathic gauchers disease.

A six years old male child presented with tremor, ataxia, speech apraxia, supranuclear gaze palsy and hepatosplenomegaly. There was no history of seizures and psycho-cognitive abnormalities. The clinical and bone marrow findings were consistent with Gaucher's disease type 3. KEY WORDS: Gauchers disease, Enzyme replacement therapy, Gene therapy, Bone marrow transplant.

Clinical profile and treatment of infantile spasms using vigabatrin and ACTH - a developing country perspective

Background Infantile spasms represent a serious epileptic syndrome that occurs in the early infantile age. ACTH and Vigabatrin are actively investigated drugs in its treatment. This study describes the comparison of their efficacy in a large series of patients with infantile spasms from Pakistan. Methods All patients with infantile spasms who presented to Aga Khan University...