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Different solid sample preparation methods affecting the spectral similarity of salmon calcitonin

Salmon calcitonin (sCT) was selected as a model protein drug for investigating its structural similarity in the solid state by four sample preparation methods, such as tape, smeared, CaF2 and film methods. The conformational changes of sCT in the solid state were estimated by using a second-derivative Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) microspectroscopy. The tape method was acted...

Association between the Hypertriglyceridemic Waist Phenotype and Prediabetes in Chinese Adults Aged 40 Years and Older

Objective. To investigate the association between the hypertriglyceridemic waist (HTGW) phenotype and prediabetes in Chinese adults aged 40 years and older. Methods. 12757 adults (4101 men and 8656 women) without diabetes or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, free of using lipid-modified agents, were enrolled in this cross-sectional study. The HTGW phenotype was defined...

Analysis of the typical small watershed of warping dams in the sand properties

Coarse sediment with a particle size greater than 0.05mm is the main deposit of riverbed in the lower Yellow River, the Loess Plateau is one of the concentrated source of coarse sediment, warping dam is one of the important engineering measures for gully control. Jiuyuangou basin is a typical small basin in the first sub region of hilly-gullied loess region, twenty warping dams...

Nitric oxide balances osteoblast and adipocyte lineage differentiation via the JNK/MAPK signaling pathway in periodontal ligament stem cells

BackgroundCritical tissues that undergo regeneration in periodontal tissue are of mesenchymal origin; thus, investigating the regulatory mechanisms underlying the fate of periodontal ligament stem cells could be beneficial for application in periodontal tissue regeneration. Nitric oxide (NO) regulates many biological processes in developing embryos and adult stem cells. The...

Ownership reform and the changing manufacturing landscape in Chinese cities: The case of Wuxi

Since the economic transition, manufacturing in China has undergone profound changes not only in number of enterprises, but also in ownership structure and intra-urban spatial distribution. Investigating the changing manufacturing landscape from the perspective of ownership structure is critical to a deep understanding of the changing role of market and government in re-shaping...

Integrated Power Flow and Short Circuit Calculation Method for Distribution Network with Inverter Based Distributed Generation

; Accepted 30 May 2016 Academic Editor: Yan-Wu Wang Copyright © 2016 Shan Yang and Xiangqian Tong. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

On the Stochastic Dynamics of a Social Epidemics Model

Statistics, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin 730050, China Correspondence should be addressed to Qing-Shan Yang; moc.liamg@66rqgnay Received 15 June 2016; Accepted 4 December 2016; Published 2 ... the NNSF of China (51509122 and 11362010). The corresponding author Qing-Shan Yang is supported by the NNSF of China (11401090). References W. Kornblum and J. Julian, Social Problems, Pearson

Pathogenic variant burden in the ExAC database: an empirical approach to evaluating population data for clinical variant interpretation

Background The frequency of a variant in the general population is a key criterion used in the clinical interpretation of sequence variants. With certain exceptions, such as founder mutations, the rarity of a variant is a prerequisite for pathogenicity. However, defining the threshold at which a variant should be considered “too common” is challenging and therefore diagnostic...

Expanded Gene Panel Use for Women With Breast Cancer: Identification and Intervention Beyond Breast Cancer Risk

Yang Karen Ouyang San Francisco Background. Clinicians ordering multi-gene next-generation sequencing panels for hereditary breast cancer risk have a variety of test panel options. Many panels include

Contact Loss beneath Track Slab Caused by Deteriorated Cement Emulsified Asphalt Mortar: Dynamic Characteristics of Vehicle-Slab Track System and Prototype Experiment

-juan Ren,1,2 Rong-shan Yang,1,2 and Xue-yi Liu1,2 1MOE Key Laboratory of High-Speed Railway Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China 2School of Civil Engineering, Southwest

A Linguistic Approach to Measuring the Attractiveness of New Products in Portfolio Selection

Ching-Torng Lin 0 Yuan-Shan Yang 0 0 Y.-S. Yang Ph. D Program in Management, Dayeh University, 168 University Rd. , Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan To gain a competitive edge, companies must

Aboveground-belowground biodiversity linkages differ in early and late successional temperate forests

, Zhanqing Hao, Lisha Zhou, Xiaobin Li, Shan Yang, Fei Yao & Yong JiangGreat Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706, USAChao LiangState Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and ... Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Shan Yang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Fei Yao in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google

New insights into Hoogsteen base pairs in DNA duplexes from a structure-based survey

Hoogsteen (HG) base pairs (bps) provide an alternative pairing geometry to Watson–Crick (WC) bps and can play unique functional roles in duplex DNA. Here, we use structural features unique to HG bps (syn purine base, HG hydrogen bonds and constricted C1′–C1′ distance across the bp) to search for HG bps in X-ray structures of DNA duplexes in the Protein Data Bank. The survey...

Cytotoxic effects of replication-competent adenoviruses on human esophageal carcinoma are enhanced by forced p53 expression

Background Improvement of transduction and augmentation of cytotoxicity are crucial for adenoviruses (Ad)-mediated gene therapy for cancer. Down-regulated expression of type 5 Ad (Ad5) receptors on human tumors hampered Ad-mediated transduction. Furthermore, a role of the p53 pathways in cytotoxicity mediated by replication-competent Ad remained uncharacterized. Methods We...

Gambogic Acid Lysinate Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells by Increasing Reactive Oxygen Species

Gambogic acid (GA) inhibits the proliferation of various human cancer cells. However, because of its water insolubility, the antitumor efficacy of GA is limited. Objectives. To investigate the antitumor activity of gambogic acid lysinate (GAL) and its mechanism. Methods. Inhibition of cell proliferation was determined by MTT assay; intracellular ROS level was detected by staining...

Comparative proteomic analysis of a new adaptive Pichia Stipitis strain to furfural, a lignocellulosic inhibitory compound

Xue-Cai Hao 0 Xiu-Shan Yang 0 Ping Wan Shen Tian 0 Equal contributors Enzyme and Fermentation Engineering Laboratory, College of Life Science, Capital Normal University , 105 West Third Circle Road

Magnetic resonance hypointensive signal primarily originates from extracellular iron particles in the long-term tracking of mesenchymal stem cells transplanted in the infarcted myocardium

Huang,1,* Chenguang Li,1,* Shan Yang,2 Jianfeng Xu,1 Yunli Shen,3 Xinxing Xie,4 Yuxiang Dai,1 Hao Lu,1 Hui Gong,5 Aijun Sun,1 Juying Qian,1 Junbo Ge1 1Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

Successful management of mucinous ovarian cancer by conservative surgery in week 6 of pregnancy: case report and literature review

Purpose The management of ovarian cancer during pregnancy is still a big challenge, mostly due to the reciprocal impacts between cancer and pregnancy. The objective of this article is to present a rare case of maternal ovarian adenocarcinoma and review published similar cases about this clinical condition. Materials and methods Here we report a rare case of maternal ovarian...

The expression sequence tag is an effective method for screening DNA segments that predict urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma prognosis

The expression sequence tag is an effective method for screening DNA segments that predict urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma prognosis Pei-Shan Yang,1,* Yu-Chao Hsu,1,2,* Yu-Hsiang Lin,1,2