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Mapping QTLs and association of differentially expressed gene transcripts for multiple agronomic traits under different nitrogen levels in sorghum

Background Sorghum is an important C 4 crop which relies on applied Nitrogen fertilizers (N) for optimal yields, of which substantial amounts are lost into the atmosphere. Understanding the genetic variation of sorghum in response to limited nitrogen supply is important for elucidating the underlying genetic mechanisms of nitrogen utilization. Results A bi-parental mapping...

REVIEW: The Monster Who Did My Math

-fifth grades. publisher’s competition call to submit — Reviewed by Sharon Mitchell a picture book with manuscript and Jackson County Schools illustrations. Quest for the Dragon Stone is her debut story

The Relationship between Population Structure and Aluminum Tolerance in Cultivated Sorghum

Background Acid soils comprise up to 50% of the world's arable lands and in these areas aluminum (Al) toxicity impairs root growth, strongly limiting crop yield. Food security is thereby compromised in many developing countries located in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. In sorghum, SbMATE, an Al-activated citrate transporter, underlies the AltSB locus on chromosome 3...