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When the brain changes its mind: Oscillatory dynamics of conflict processing and response switching in a flanker task during alcohol challenge

Contributions Conceptualization: Ksenija Marinkovic. Data curation: Lauren E. Beaton, Ksenija Marinkovic. Formal analysis: Lauren E. Beaton. Funding acquisition: Ksenija Marinkovic. Investigation: Sheeva ... Azma, Ksenija Marinkovic. Project administration: Ksenija Marinkovic. Resources: Ksenija Marinkovic. Software: Lauren E. Beaton. Supervision: Ksenija Marinkovic. Visualization: Lauren E. Beaton

Theta Oscillations Are Sensitive to Both Early and Late Conflict Processing Stages: Effects of Alcohol Intoxication

Prior neuroimaging evidence indicates that decision conflict activates medial and lateral prefrontal and parietal cortices. Theoretical accounts of cognitive control highlight anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) as a central node in this network. However, a better understanding of the relative primacy and functional contributions of these areas to decision conflict requires insight...