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Sulfur/nickel ferrite composite as cathode with high-volumetric-capacity for lithium-sulfur battery

Low volumetric energy density is a bottleneck for the application of lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery. The low-density sulfur cooperated with the light-weight carbon substrate realizes electrochemical cycle stability, but leads to worse volumetric energy density. Here, nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4)nanofibers as novel substrate for sulfur not only anchor lithium polysulfides to enhance...

Architecture of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex

Wang, Jiyu Xin, Zhenrui Ding, Sheng Liu, Qianglin Fang, Na Yang, Rui-min Xu, Gang Cai declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain any studies with human or animal

Study on the interaction of paeoniflorin with human serum albumin (HSA) by spectroscopic and molecular docking techniques

The interaction of paeoniflorin with human serum albumin (HSA) was investigated using fluorescence, UV–vis absorption, circular dichroism (CD) spectra and molecular docking techniques under simulative physiological conditions. The results clarified that the fluorescence quenching of HSA by paeoniflorin was a static quenching process and energy transfer as a result of a newly...

Inhibition of early T cell cytokine production by arsenic trioxide occurs independently of Nrf2

. Freeborn, Sheng Liu, Rebekah C. Kennedy, Joseph W. Zagorski. Methodology: Sheng Liu, Rebekah C. Kennedy, Joseph W. Zagorski, Cheryl E. Rockwell. Project administration: Cheryl E. Rockwell. Supervision

Adaptive Swarm Balancing Algorithms for rare-event prediction in imbalanced healthcare data

analysis: Simon Fong, Kelvin K. L. Wong. Funding acquisition: Lian-sheng Liu, Simon Fong. Investigation: Lian-sheng Liu, Simon Fong. Methodology: Jinyan Li, Simon Fong. Project administration: Lian-sheng ... Liu, Simon Fong. Resources: Jinyan Li, Lian-sheng Liu. Software: Jinyan Li. Supervision: Simon Fong. Validation: Jinyan Li, Lian-sheng Liu. Visualization: Jinyan Li. Writing ± original draft

Combined Yttrium-90 microsphere selective internal radiation therapy and external beam radiotherapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: From clinical aspects to dosimetry

. Resources: Ti-Hao Wang, Ko-Han Lin, Ching-Sheng Liu. Software: Ti-Hao Wang. 12 / 14 Supervision: Ti-Hao Wang. Validation: Yu-Ming Liu. Visualization: Ti-Hao Wang. Writing ± original draft: Ti-Hao Wang

Comprehensive N-Glycan Profiling of Cetuximab Biosimilar Candidate by NP-HPLC and MALDI-MS

Monitoring glycosylation of the mAbs have been emphasized and routinely characterized in biopharmaceutical industries because the carbohydrate components are closely related to the safety, efficacy, and consistency of the antibodies. In this study, the comprehensive glycan profiling of a biosimilar candidate of cetuximab was successfully characterized using Normal phase high...

Cotton Area and Yield Estimation at Zhanhua County of China Using HJ-1 EVI Time Series

Cotton is a significant cash crop of China. Timely and accurate cotton area and yield estimation is useful for management decisions related to the cotton procurement and sales. This study is a first research on cotton area and yield estimation based on remote sensing at Zhanhua County which is one of the high-quality cotton production demonstration bases of China. After...

Obscured hemorrhagic pancreatitis after orthotopic heart transplantation complicated with acute right heart failure and hepatic dysfunction: a case report

Background Pancreatitis is a serious complication after cardiac surgery and can lead to significant morbidities and mortality. The incidence of pancreatitis is even higher in patients undergoing heart transplantation than in those undergoing other cardiac surgeries. Nevertheless, the clinical presentations of pancreatitis are frequently atypical in these patients. Case...

Screening for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delay in Taiwanese aboriginal preschool children

Screening for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delay in Taiwanese aboriginal preschool children Hsiang-Lin Chan,1,2,* Wen-Sheng Liu,3–6,* Yi

The Role of Bone Marrow Cells in the Phenotypic Changes Associated with Diabetic Nephropathy

The aim of our study was to investigate the role of bone marrow cells in the phenotypic changes that occur in diabetic nephropathy. Bone marrow cells were obtained from either streptozotocin-induced diabetic or untreated control C3H/He mice and transplanted into control C3H/He mice. Eight weeks after bone marrow cell transplantation, renal morphologic changes and clinical...

A method based on iterative morphological filtering and multiple scattering for detecting layer boundaries and extinction coefficients with LIDAR

Layer boundaries detection with LIDAR is of great significance for the meteorological and environmental research. Apart from the background noise, multiple scattering can also seriously affect the detection results in LIDAR signal processing. To alleviate these issues, a novel approach was proposed based upon morphological filtering and multiple scattering correction with...

Fracture Propagation Characteristic and Micromechanism of Rock-Like Specimens under Uniaxial and Biaxial Compression

This paper presents a set of uniaxial and biaxial compression tests on the rock-like material specimens with different fracture geometries through a rock mechanics servo-controlled testing system (RMT-150C). On the basis of experimental results, the characteristics of fracture propagation under different fracture geometries and loading conditions are firstly obtained. The newly...

Follow-up and evaluation of the pregnancy outcome in women of reproductive age with Graves’ disease after 131Iodine treatment

The aims of the present study were to analyze the outcomes of pregnancy, after 131I treatment, in patients of reproductive age with Graves’ hyperthyroidism and to investigate the effects, if any, of the 131I treatment on the mothers and newborns. From 2009 to 2014, 257 pregnant female patients with Graves’ hyperthyroidism in the outpatients at the Department of Nuclear Medicine...

Differentiating Radiation-Induced Necrosis from Recurrent Brain Tumor Using MR Perfusion and Spectroscopy: A Meta-Analysis

Purpose This meta-analysis examined roles of several metabolites in differentiating recurrent tumor from necrosis in patients with brain tumors using MR perfusion and spectroscopy. Methods Medline, Cochrane, EMBASE, and Google Scholar were searched for studies using perfusion MRI and/or MR spectroscopy published up to March 4, 2015 which differentiated between recurrent tumor vs...

A special issue on Light-Emitting Diodes

and owned 40 patents in USA, Japan, Korea, Europe and China. Sheng Liu is a Cheung Kong scholar professor of Mechanical Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and he has a dual

MicroRNA profiling of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci Middle East-Aisa Minor I following the acquisition of Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus

Background The begomoviruses are the largest and most economically important group of plant viruses exclusively vectored by whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in a circulative, persistent manner. During this process, begomoviruses and whitefly vectors have developed close relationships and complex interactions. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these interactions remain largely...

The pivotal role of malic enzyme in enhancing oil accumulation in green microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Background The fast growing photosynthetic microalgae have been widely used in aquaculture, food, health, and biofuels. Recent findings in the diatom has proposed a pivotal role of NADP-malic enzyme in generation of NADPH as an important supply of reducing power for fatty acid biosynthesis. To test the lipogenic malic enzyme for fatty acid synthesis in green algae, here the malic...