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Review on thermochromic vanadium dioxide based smart coatings: from lab to commercial application

With an urgent demand of energy efficient coatings for building fenestrations, vanadium dioxide (VO2)-based thermochromic smart coatings have been widely investigated due to the reversible phase transition of VO2 at a critical transition temperature of 68 °C, which is accompanied by the modulation of solar irradiation, especially in the near-infrared region. As for commercial...

QTL mapping reveals a tight linkage between QTLs for grain weight and panicle spikelet number in rice

Background A number of QTL studies reported that one genomic region was associated with several traits, indicating linkage and/or pleiotropic effects. The question of pleiotropy versus tight linkage in these studies should be solved using a large-size population combined with high-density mapping. For example, if each of the 2 parents has a TGW-increasing or SPP-increasing QTL...