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Optimization of culture condition for enhanced decolorization and degradation of azo dye reactive violet 1 with concomitant production of ligninolytic enzymes by Ganoderma cupreum AG-1

The strain Ganoderma cupreum AG-1 (Genbank accession no. HQ328947) isolated from the decayed wood was evaluated for its ability to decolorize azo dye reactive violet 1 as well as for the production of ligninolytic enzymes. In the initial decolorization study, the strain was capable of decolorizing 19 different azo dyes. The strain was capable of decolorizing dye over a pH range...

Purification and characterization of an extracellular laccase from solid-state culture of Pleurotus ostreatus HP-1

A native isolate of Pleurotus ostreatus HP-1 (Genbank Accession No. EU420068) was found to have an excellent laccase producing ability. The extracellular laccase was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from copper sulphate induced solid-state fermentation medium by ammonium sulphate precipitation and ion-exchange chromatography. The enzyme was determined to be monomeric...

Nutrient improvement for simultaneous production of exopolysaccharide and mycelial biomass by submerged cultivation of Schizophyllum commune AGMJ-1 using statistical optimization

Exopolysaccharides (EPS) of fungal origin have attracted special attention from researchers due to their multifarious applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the present study, optimization of the process parameters for the production of exopolysaccharide by Schizophyllum commune AGMJ-1 was studied using one factor at a time (OFAT) method, Plackett–Burman...