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Conservation of small hairtail Trichiurus japonicas by using hooks with large artificial bait: effect on the trolling line fishery

Overfishing has reduced the stock of hairtail Trichiurus japonicus around the Bungo Channel, Japan. To determine whether using larger bait in the trolling line fishery could avoid catching small/undersize hairtail, we developed and trialled a new large artificial bait (a soft plastic bait, 6 inches long). A traditional lure with natural bait (type-1), a new lure of the new...

Stock structure and resource management of hairtail Trichiurus japonicus based on seasonal broods around the Bungo Channel, Japan

Declines in landings of the hairtail Trichiurus japonicas indicate the need for more effective management of this species. Hairtail spawning peaks occur twice yearly in the Bungo Channel, in spring and autumn. Relationships between hairtail stock and brood seasonality were examined to determine if an association between either and a decline in landings existed. Stock assessments...

A transdisciplinary research of coastal fisheries co-management: the case of the hairtail Trichiurus japonicus trolling line fishery around the Bungo Channel, Japan

Under the coastal fisheries co-management regime in Japan, local fishers play important roles in deciding on and implementing local management measures. Therefore, using the case study of a hairtail trolling line fishery, we conducted a transdisciplinary research with fishers, processors, government officers, etc. Taking social and biological factors into account, we defined...