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Synergistic Effects of Ag Nanoparticles/BiV1-xMoxO4 with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity

Yu et al. Nanoscale Research Letters Synergistic Effects of Ag Nanoparticles/BiV 1- Mo O with Enhanced Photocatalytic x x 4 Activity Mengting Yu 1 Shixiong Zhou 1 Qingguo Meng 0 Haiqin Lv 0 Zhihong

Morphological study of mechanoreceptors in collateral ligaments of the ankle joint

Background The aim of this study was to analyze the pattern and types of sensory nerve endings in ankle collateral ligaments using histological techniques, in order to observe the morphology and distribution of mechanoreceptors in the collateral ligaments of cadaver ankle joint, and to provide the morphological evidence for the role of the ligament in joint sensory function...