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DISC1 (Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia-1) Regulates Differentiation of Oligodendrocytes

Disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) is a gene disrupted by a translocation, t(1;11) (q42.1;q14.3), that segregates with major psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, recurrent major depression and bipolar affective disorder, in a Scottish family. Here we report that mammalian DISC1 endogenously expressed in oligodendroglial lineage cells negatively regulates ...

Dysbindin Regulates the Transcriptional Level of Myristoylated Alanine-Rich Protein Kinase C Substrate via the Interaction with NF-YB in Mice Brain

Kuwahara, Shinsuke Matsuzaki, Shingo Miyata, Natsuko Kumamoto, Tsuyoshi Hattori, Shoko Shimizu, Kohei Yamada, Taiichi Katayama and Masaya Tohyama). The funders had no role in study design, data collection

Involvement of nuclear factor-kB activation through RhoA/Rho-kinase pathway in LPS-induced IL-8 production in human cervical stromal cells

Interleukin-8 (IL-8) is a chemokine that recruits and activates neutrophils in stromal tissue and plays an essential role in cervical ripening. Nuclear factor-kB (NF-kB) is known to be important for the up-regulation of IL-8 gene expression. We examined the molecular mechanisms responsible for NF-kB activation in IL-8 production in cervical stromal cells. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) ...