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Holographic s-wave and p-wave Josephson junction with backreaction

In this paper, we study the holographic models of s-wave and p-wave Josephoson junction away from probe limit in (3+1)-dimensional spacetime, respectively. With the backreaction of the matter, we obtained the anisotropic black hole solution with the condensation of matter fields. We observe that the critical temperature of Josephoson junction decreases with increasing backreaction. ...

Holographic model of hybrid and coexisting s-wave and p-wave Josephson junction

In this paper the holographic model for a hybrid and coexisting s-wave and p-wave Josephson junction is constructed by a triplet charged scalar field coupled with a non-Abelian SU(2) gauge field in (\(3+1\))-dimensional AdS spacetime. Depending on the value of chemical potential \(\mu \), one can show that there are four types of junctions (s+p-N-s+p, s+p-N-s, s+p-N-p and s-N-p). ...

Optimization of the Expression Conditions of CGA-N46 in Bacillus subtilis DB1342(p-3N46) by Response Surface Methodology

CGA-N46 is a small antifungal-derived peptide and consists of the 31st–76th amino acids of the N-terminus of human chromogranin A. Polycistronic expression of recombinant CGA-N46 in Bacillus subtilis DB1342 was used to improve its production, but the yield of CGA-N46 was still low. In the present study, response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize culture medium ...