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Determination of Gravitational Potential at Ground Using Optical-Atomic Clocks on Board Satellites and on Ground Stations and Relevant Simulation Experiments

Zhang 0 1 0 Key Lab of Surveying Engineering and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University , Wuhan , China 1 Department of Geophysics, School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University , Wuhan , China The general

Viscoelastic representation of surface waves in patchy saturated poroelastic media

Wave-induced flow is observed as the dominated factor for P wave propagation at seismic frequencies. This mechanism has a mesoscopic scale nature. The inhomogeneous unsaturated patches are regarded larger than the pore size, but smaller than the wavelength. Surface wave, e.g., Rayleigh wave, which propagates along the free surface, generated by the interfering of body waves is...