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Tsunami source and inundation features around Sendai Coast, Japan, due to the November 22, 2016 Mw 6.9 Fukushima earthquake

Koshimura 0 2 0 International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University , Aoba 468‐1, Aramaki, Aoba‐ku, Sendai 980‐0845 , Japan 1 Interna‐ tional S (IISEE), Building Research

Real-time tsunami inundation forecast system for tsunami disaster prevention and mitigation

The tsunami disasters that occurred in Indonesia, Chile, and Japan have inflicted serious casualties and damaged social infrastructures. Tsunami forecasting systems are thus urgently required worldwide. We have developed a real-time tsunami inundation forecast system that can complete a tsunami inundation and damage forecast for coastal cities at the level of 10-m grid size in...

Tsunami Source Inversion Using Tide Gauge and DART Tsunami Waveforms of the 2017 Mw8.2 Mexico Earthquake

Mexico earthquake; tsunami source inversion; tsunami numerical modeling - BRUNO ADRIANO,1 YUSHIRO FUJII,2 SHUNICHI KOSHIMURA,1 ERICK MAS,1 ANGEL RUIZ-ANGULO,3 and 1 International Research Institute of

Recent Advances in Agent-Based Tsunami Evacuation Simulations: Case Studies in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Peru

As confirmed by the extreme tsunami events over the last decade (the 2004 Indian Ocean, 2010 Chile and 2011 Japan tsunami events), mitigation measures and effective evacuation planning are needed to reduce disaster risks. Modeling tsunami evacuations is an alternative means to analyze evacuation plans and possible scenarios of evacuees’ behaviors. In this paper, practical...

Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami: Performance of Tsunami Countermeasures, Coastal Buildings, and Tsunami Evacuation in Japan

In 2011, Japan was hit by a tsunami that was generated by the greatest earthquake in its history. The first tsunami warning was announced 3 min after the earthquake, as is normal, but failed to estimate the actual tsunami height. Most of the structural countermeasures were not designed for the huge tsunami that was generated by the magnitude M = 9.0 earthquake; as a result, many...