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Branching morphology, vascular bundle arrangement and ontogenetic development in leaf insertion zones and ramifications of three arborescent Araliaceae species

Key message A conspicuous ‘finger-like’ branching morphology is described for three arborescent Araliaceae species with a focus on the three-dimensional vascular bundle arrangement in leaf insertion and stem–branch attachment regions during ontogenetic development. Abstract The central aim of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of the structure and development in leaf ...

Effect of Trichoderma-enriched organic charcoal in the integrated wood protection strategy

F. Marcos, Siegfried Fink, Francis W. M. R. Schwarze. Validation: Francis W. M. R. Schwarze. Writing ± original draft: Javier Ribera. Writing ± review & editing: Jose F. Marcos, Maria del Carmen Bas ... , Siegfried Fink, Francis W. M. R. Schwarze. 11 / 14 12 / 14 13 / 14 1. British Standards Institution (BSI) . EN 460 Durability of wood and wood-based productsÐNatural durability of solid woodÐGuide to the

Integrated control of wood destroying basidiomycetes combining Cu-based wood preservatives and Trichoderma spp.

The production of new generation of wood preservatives (without addition of a co-biocide) in combination with an exchange of wood poles on identical sites with high fungal inoculum, has resulted in an increase of premature failures of wood utility poles in the last decades. Wood destroying basidiomycetes inhabiting sites where poles have been installed, have developed resistance ...