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Evaluating the Applicability of Phi Coefficient in Indicating Habitat Preferences of Forest Soil Fauna Based on a Single Field Study in Subtropical China

Phi coefficient directly depends on the frequencies of occurrence of organisms and has been widely used in vegetation ecology to analyse the associations of organisms with site groups, providing a characterization of ecological preference, but its application in soil ecology remains rare. Based on a single field experiment, this study assessed the applicability of phi coefficient...

Nitrogen Addition Altered the Effect of Belowground C Allocation on Soil Respiration in a Subtropical Forest

The availabilities of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) in soil play an important role in soil carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. However, the variation in the soil respiration (Rs) and response of microbial community to the combined changes in belowground C and N inputs in forest ecosystems are not yet fully understood. Stem girdling and N addition were performed in this study to evaluate...

Addition of External Organic Carbon and Native Soil Organic Carbon Decomposition: A Meta-Analysis

Background Extensive studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of external organic Carbon on native soil organic carbon (SOC) decomposition. However, the direction and extent of this effect reported by different authors is inconsistent. Objective The objective was to provide a synthesis of existing data that comprehensively and quantitatively evaluates how the soil...

Labile soil organic carbon and microbial activity in three subtropical plantations

The effects of tree species on soil properties have been attracted much attention, but the specific responses of labile soil organic carbon (SOC) and microbial activity to changes in tree species of subtropical forest ecosystems remain unknown. In this study, we investigated the labile fractions of SOC from three different single species plantations, namely Pinus massoniana (PM...

Two ultraviolet radiation datasets that cover China

SUN, Anzhi WANG, Genxu WANG, Huimin WANG, Silong WANG, Youshao WANG Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has significant effects on ecosystems, environments, and human health, as well as atmospheric processes