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Root cause investigation and prevention of dynamic fluctuations in angular-resolved torque measurements of high pressure fuel pumps

In terms of better fuel mixture preparation, both finer atomization and higher system pressure are indispensable. These objectives provoke high mechanical loads on modern injection systems. In particular, the driving torque of the high pressure pump is proportionally linked to the system pressure within the pump cylinder. This article focuses the challenge of measuring angular...

Misperceiving Bullshit as Profound Is Associated with Favorable Views of Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Conservatism

The present research investigates the associations between holding favorable views of potential Democratic or Republican candidates for the US presidency 2016 and seeing profoundness in bullshit statements. In this contribution, bullshit is used as a technical term which is defined as communicative expression that lacks content, logic, or truth from the perspective of natural...

The influence of group membership on cross-contextual imitation

Research on mimicry has demonstrated that individuals imitate in-group members more strongly than out-group members. In the present study, we tested whether such top-down modulation also applies for more extreme forms of direct mapping, such as for cross-contextual imitation settings, in which individuals imitate others’ movements without sharing a common goal or context. Models...