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Role of Cancer Microenvironment in Metastasis: Focus on Colon Cancer

One person on three will receive a diagnostic of cancer during his life. About one third of them will die of the disease. In most cases, death will result from the formation of distal secondary sites called metastases. Several events that lead to cancer are under genetic control. In particular, cancer initiation is tightly associated with specific mutations that affect ...

Survival advantages conferred to colon cancer cells by E-selectin-induced activation of the PI3K-NFκB survival axis downstream of Death receptor-3

Background Extravasation of circulating cancer cells is a key event of metastatic dissemination that is initiated by the adhesion of cancer cells to endothelial cells. It requires interactions between adhesion receptors on endothelial cells and their counter-receptors on cancer cells. Notably, E-selectin, a major endothelial adhesion receptor, interacts with Death receptor-3 ...