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Brain Switches Utilitarian Behavior: Does Gender Make the Difference?

Decision often implies a utilitarian choice based on personal gain, even at the expense of damaging others. Despite the social implications of utilitarian behavior, its neurophysiological bases remain largely unknown. To assess how the human brain controls utilitarian behavior, we delivered transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the ventral prefrontal cortex (VPC...

Degenerative Jargon Aphasia: Unusual Progression of Logopenic/Phonological Progressive Aphasia?

Behavioural Neurology 0953-4180 Degenerative jargon aphasia: Unusual progression of logopenic/phonological progressive aphasia? Paolo Caffarra 3 5 Simona Gardini 5 Stefano Cappa 4 Francesca Dieci 3

Self-ordered pointing and visual conditional associative learning tasks in drug-free schizophrenia spectrum disorder patients

Background There is evidence of a link between schizophrenia and a deficit of working memory, but this has been derived from tasks not specifically developed to probe working memory per se. Our aim was to investigate whether working memory deficits may be detected across different paradigms using the self-ordered pointing task (SOPT) and the visual conditional associative...