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Billing and insurance-related administrative costs in United States’ health care: synthesis of micro-costing evidence

Background The United States’ multiple-payer health care system requires substantial effort and costs for administration, with billing and insurance-related (BIR) activities comprising a large but incompletely characterized proportion. A number of studies have quantified BIR costs for specific health care sectors, using micro-costing techniques. However, variation in the types of...

Global Amnesia: Embracing Fee-For-Non-Service—Again

David U. Himmelstein 0 Steffie Woolhandler 0 0 The City University of New York School of Public Health , New York, NY, USA - L repair. As 1984 fans will recall, that appliance incinerated ets hope

Life or Debt: Underinsurance in America

Steffie Woolhandler 0 David U. Himmelstein 0 0 The City University of New York School of Public Health at Hunter College , New York, NY, USA - L Millions of our patients face that choice, including

Infective Endocarditis in the U.S., 1998–2009: A Nationwide Study

Background Previous studies based on local case series estimated the annual incidence of endocarditis in the U.S. at about 4 per 100,000 population. Small-scale studies elsewhere have reported similar incidence rates. However, no nationally-representative population-based studies have verified these estimates. Methods and Findings Using the 1998–2009 Nationwide Inpatient Sample...

Consumer Directed Healthcare: Except for the Healthy and Wealthy It’s Unwise

Steffie Woolhandler 0 David U. Himmelstein 0 0 The Department of Medicine, Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School , 1493 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Many politicians and business

U.S. Physicians’ Views on Financing Options to Expand Health Insurance Coverage: A National Survey

BACKGROUND Physician opinion can influence the prospects for health care reform, yet there are few recent data on physician views on reform proposals or access to medical care in the United States. OBJECTIVE To assess physician views on financing options for expanding health care coverage and on access to health care. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS Nationally representative mail survey...