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Action ability modulates time-to-collision judgments

Time-to-collision (TTC) underestimation has been interpreted as an adaptive response that allows observers to have more time to engage in a defensive behaviour. This bias seems, therefore, strongly linked to action preparation. There is evidence that the observer’s physical fitness modulates the underestimation effect so that people who need more time to react (i.e. those with...

Gamble on gaze: Eye movements reflect the numerical value of blackjack hands

Eagle Row, Atlanta, GA 30322 , USA 1 Kevin J. Holmes 2 Stella F. Lourenco We used a novel task-a blackjack game that naturally involves mental summation of numerical values-to investigate the role of

When Numbers Get Heavy: Is the Mental Number Line Exclusively Numerical?

The mental number line, with its left-to-right orientation of increasing numerical values, is often regarded as evidence for a unique connection between space and number. Yet left-to-right orientation has been shown to extend to other dimensions, consistent with a general magnitude system wherein different magnitudes share neural and conceptual resources. Such observations raise...