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Incidence of Running-Related Injuries Per 1000 h of running in Different Types of Runners: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

this review. Solvej Videbaek, Andreas Moeballe Bueno, Rasmus Oestergaard Nielsen and Sten Rasmussen have no potential conflicts of interest that are directly relevant to the content of this review. Open

A Prospective Study on Time to Recovery in 254 Injured Novice Runners

Objectives Describe the diagnoses and the time to recovery of running-related injuries in novice runners. Design Prospective cohort study on injured runners. Method This paper is a secondary data analysis of a 933-person cohort study (DANO-RUN) aimed at characterizing risk factors for injury in novice runners. Among those sustaining running-related injuries, the types of injuries...

Progressive high-load strength training compared with general low-load exercises in patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Background Shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal disorder, often affecting people’s daily living and work capacity. The most common shoulder disorder is the subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) which, among other pathophysiological changes, is often characterised by rotator cuff tendinopathy. Exercise is often considered the primary treatment option for rotator...

High prevalence of daily and multi-site pain – a cross-sectional population-based study among 3000 Danish adolescents

Rasmussen 0 0 Orthopaedic Surgery Research Unit, Aalborg University Hospital , Soendre Skovvej 15, 9000 Aalborg , Denmark 1 HEALTH, Aarhus University , Vennelyst Boulevard 9, 8000 Aarhus C , Denmark 2

Hip and Knee Strength Is Not Affected in 12-16 Year Old Adolescents with Patellofemoral Pain - A Cross-Sectional Population-Based Study

Background One of the rationales behind using strength training in the treatment of adolescents with Patellofemoral Pain (PFP) is that reduced strength of the lower extremity is a risk factor for PFP and a common deficit. This rationale is based on research conducted on adolescents >15 years of age but has never been investigated among young adolescents with PFP. Objectives To...

Predictors of Running-Related Injuries Among 930 Novice Runners: A 1-Year Prospective Follow-up Study

0 MD Investigation performed at the Department of Public Health, Section of Sport Science, Aarhus University , Denmark 1 PhD, and Sten Rasmussen 2 Rasmus Oestergaard Nielsen 3 PhD, Henrik Srensen 4

Autologous Blood Transfusion after Local Infiltration Analgesia with Ropivacaine in Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty

Aims. To study the safety of autotransfusion following local infiltration analgesia (LIA) with ropivacaine. Background. Knowledge of blood concentrations of ropivacaine after LIA and autotransfusion is crucial. However, very limited data are available for toxicological risk assessment. Methods. Autotransfusion was studied in patients after total knee arthroplasty (TKA: n=25) and...