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Availability and performance of image/video-based vital signs monitoring methods: a systematic review protocol

For many vital signs, monitoring methods require contact with the patient and/or are invasive in nature. There is increasing interest in developing still and video image-guided monitoring methods that are non-contact and non-invasive. We will undertake a systematic review of still and video image-based monitoring methods. We will perform searches in multiple databases which...

Exceptional longevity and potential determinants of successful ageing in a cohort of 39 Labrador retrievers: results of a prospective longitudinal study

Background The aim of this study was to describe the longevity and causes of mortality in 39 (12 males, 27 females) pedigree adult neutered Labrador retrievers with a median age of 6.5 years at the start of the study and kept under similar housing and management conditions. Body condition score was maintained between two and four on a 5-point scale by varying food allowances...

Evaluation of the effects of implementing an electronic early warning score system: protocol for a stepped wedge study

Stephen Gerry David Wong Julia Knight 0 Peter Watkinson 0 0 Kadoorie Centre for Critical Care Research and Education, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital , Headley Way, Oxford OX3 9DU , UK Background: An

Impact of a web-based tool (WebCONSORT) to improve the reporting of randomised trials: results of a randomised controlled trial

Background The CONSORT Statement is an evidence-informed guideline for reporting randomised controlled trials. A number of extensions have been developed that specify additional information to report for more complex trials. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of using a simple web-based tool (WebCONSORT, which incorporates a number of different CONSORT extensions...

Reporting characteristics of non-primary publications of results of randomized trials: a cross-sectional review

Background For a randomized trial, the primary publication is usually the one which reports the results of the primary outcome and provides consolidated data from all study centers. Other aspects of a randomized trial’s findings (that is, non-primary results) are often reported in subsequent publications. Methods We carried out a cross-sectional review of the characteristics and...

A multicentre non-blinded randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of regular early specialist symptom control treatment on quality of life in malignant mesothelioma (RESPECT-MESO): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Samal Gunatilake Fraser JH Brims Carole Fogg Iain Lawrie Nick Maskell Karen Forbes Najib Rahman Steve Morris Reuben Ogollah Stephen Gerry Mick Peake Liz Darlison Anoop J Chauhan Background ... design of the trial and drafting of the manuscript. IL, NM, KF, NR, Stephen Gerry, RO, MP and LD have made substantial contributions to conception and design of the trial. SM has made substantial

Safety and High Level Efficacy of the Combination Malaria Vaccine Regimen of RTS,S/AS01B With Chimpanzee Adenovirus 63 and Modified Vaccinia Ankara Vectored Vaccines Expressing ME-TRAP

Background. The need for a highly efficacious vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum remains pressing. In this controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) study, we assessed the safety, efficacy and immunogenicity of a schedule combining 2 distinct vaccine types in a staggered immunization regimen: one inducing high-titer antibodies to circumsporozoite protein (RTS,S/AS01B) and the...

Evaluation of the Efficacy of ChAd63-MVA Vectored Vaccines Expressing Circumsporozoite Protein and ME-TRAP Against Controlled Human Malaria Infection in Malaria-Naive Individuals

. Illingworth Alexander D. Douglas Pooja B. Mange Katharine A. Collins Rachel Roberts Stephen Gerry 1 Eleanor Berrie 0 Sarah Moyle 0 Stefano Colloca Riccardo Cortese 2 Robert E. Sinden 4 Sarah C. Gilbert Philip