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Zinc transporters and insulin resistance: therapeutic implications for type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease

Sukhwinder Singh Sohal 0 Stephen Myers 0 0 Faculty of Health, School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania , Newnham Campus, Launceston, TAS 7250 , Australia Background: Zinc is a metal ion that is

Reducing occupational stress with a B-vitamin focussed intervention: a randomized clinical trial: study protocol

Background Workplace stress in Australia and other western countries has been steadily increasing over the past decade. It can be observed not only in terms of increased compensation claims but also costs due to absenteeism, loss of productivity at work and reduced psychological and physiological health and well-being. Given the cost and pervasive effects of stress in the modern ...

Acupuncture for menopausal vasomotor symptoms: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Background Hot flushes and night sweats (vasomotor symptoms) are common menopausal symptoms, often causing distress, sleep deprivation and reduced quality of life. Although hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment, there are concerns about serious adverse events. Non-hormonal pharmacological therapies are less effective and can also cause adverse effects. Complementary ...

A randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of Pycnogenol and Bacopa CDRI08 herbal medicines on cognitive, cardiovascular, and biochemical functioning in cognitively healthy elderly people: the Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention (ARCLI) study protocol (ANZCTR12611000487910)

Background One of the major challenges associated with our ageing population is the increasing incidence of age-associated cognitive decline, which has significant implications for an individual's ability to lead a productive and fulfilling life. In pure economic terms the costs of ageing reflects decreased productivity and engagement with the workforce. The maintenance of brain ...