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Facial Width-To-Height Ratio (fWHR) Is Not Associated with Adolescent Testosterone Levels

Steven J. C. Gaulin 0 2 0 Department of Anthropology, University of California Santa Barbara , Santa Barbara, California , United States of America 1 Department of Anthropology, Boston University , Boston

Different Vocal Parameters Predict Perceptions of Dominance and Attractiveness

Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon Steven J. C. Gaulin David A. Puts 0 ) Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park , PA 16802, USA Low mean fundamental frequency (F0) in men's ... development of sexually dimorphic voice characteristics during puberty. Steven J. C. Gaulin earned his B.A. in anthropology and psychology from U.C. Berkeley and his Ph.D. in biological anthropology from