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Article III as a Constitutional Compromise: Modern Textualism and State Sovereign Immunity

, as most scholars do, that Federalistassurancesrespectingstate sovereign immunity formed no part of the constitutionalbargain. © 2009 Steven Menashi. Individuals and nonprofit institutions may ... Menashi* This Article challenges the scholarly consensus that a textualist readingof the Constitution cannot support a broad constitutionalprinciple of state sovereign immunity. In doing so, it develops a

Taking Steel Seizure Seriously: The Iran Nuclear Agreement and the Separation of Powers

article is available in Fordham Law Review: Samuel Estreicher* & Steven Menashi** This Article examines the constitutional validity of President Obama’s

Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy

University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law ETHNONATIONALISM AND LIBERAL DEMOCRACY STEVEN MENASHI 0 0 Olin/Searle Fellow, Georgetown University Law Center , 2009-10. Thanks to Sina Kian

Nondelegation and the Unitary Executive

JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW NONDELEGATION AND THE UNITARY EXECUTIVE Douglas H. Ginsburg 0 Steven Menashi 0 0 Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. John E. Finn ... Steven Menashi , All the President's Czars, WKLY . STANDARD, Oct. 12 , 2009 , at 16 (“ By establishing policy czars accountable only to himself, Obama has sought to unify executive policymaking and guard