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Moral Ambiguity in White Collar Criminal Law

Stuart P. Green, Why It's a Crime to Tear the Tag Off a Mattress: Overcriminalization and the Moral Content of Regulatory Offenses, 46 EMORY L.J. 1533, 1549-52 (1997) (stating that harmfulness reflects the ... categorizing criminal offenses according to "family" resemblances, with "fuzzy" boundaries and no single collection of properties that all members (and only those members) share. See Stuart P. Green, Prototype

When Is it Wrong to Trade Stocks on the Basis of Non-Public Information?: Public Views of the Morality of Insider Trading

Fordham Urban Law Journal Stuart P. Green 0 Matthew B. Kuglery 0 0 Rutgers School of Law Copyright c 2012 by the authors. Fordham Urban Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press ... . Though Green has argued here as well, contrary to the prevailing view, that this outcome is a mistake and that accomplices ordinarily ought to be punished less severely than principals. See STUART P. GREEN

Foreword: Symposium on Vice and the Criminal Law

Stuart P. Green 0 0 S. P. Green (&) Rutgers University School of Law-Newark , Newark, NJ , US An obvious, if somewhat perverse, attraction of criminal law for those who study it is that it involves

Public Perceptions of White Collar Crime Culpability: Bribery, Perjury, and Fraud

gain compliance ultimately depends on the extent to which it enjoys moral credibility and recognition in the broader lay community.3 1. See STUART P. GREEN, LYING, CHEATING, AND STEALING: A MORAL THEORY ... discussed this point in Stuart P. Green & Matthew B. Kugler, Community Perceptions of Theft Seriousness: A Challenge to Model Penal Code and English Theft Act Consolidation, 7 J. EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 511

Foreword: Symposium on Harmless Error - Part II

, 64 La. Law Rev. 5 (2003); A. Paul Leblanc, Jr., Considerations ConcerningHarmless Errorin LouisianaCriminalCases, 64 La. Law. Rev. 21 (2003). 3. Stuart P. Green, Foreword: The ChallengeofHarmlessError ... claim to STUART P. GREEN have been wrongly convicted, and to free those who can prove their actual innocence. Finally, the Institute has begun planning a project that will explore the issues raised by

Deceit and the Classification of Crimes: Federal Rule of Evidence 609 (A)(2) and the Origins of Crimen Falsi

CLASSIFICATION OF CRIMES: FEDERAL RULE OF EVIDENCE 609(A) (2) AND THE ORIGINS OF CRIMENFALSI STUART P. GREEN* Few conceptual schemes in criminal law are as widely accepted, or as deeply ingrained, as the ... the difference between seriousness and harmfulness in Stuart P. Green, Why It's a Crime to Tear the Tag Off a Mattress: Overcriminalizationand the Moral Content ofRegulaty Offenses, 46 EMORY LJ. 1533

The Criminal Prosecution of Local Governments

riminal Prosecution of Local Governments Stuart P. Green Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation Stuart P. Green, Th e