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On the trajectories of null and timelike geodesics in different wormhole geometries

The paper deals with an extensive study of null and timelike geodesics in the background of wormhole geometries. Starting with a spherically symmetric spacetime, null geodesics are analyzed for the Morris–Thorne wormhole (WH) and photon spheres are examined in WH geometries. Both bounded and unbounded orbits are discussed for timelike geodesics. A similar analysis has been done...

f(R) gravity solutions for evolving wormholes

The scalar–tensor f(R) theory of gravity is considered in the framework of a simple inhomogeneous space-time model. In this research we use the reconstruction technique to look for possible evolving wormhole solutions within viable f(R) gravity formalism. These f(R) models are then constrained so that they are consistent with existing experimental data. Energy conditions related...

Interacting dark energy model and thermal stability

In the background of the homogeneous and isotropic FLRW model, the thermodynamics of the interacting DE fluid is investigated in the present work. By studying the thermodynamical parameters, namely the heat capacities and the compressibilities, both thermal and mechanical stability are discussed and the restrictions on the equation of state parameter of the dark fluid are analyzed.

Unified first law and some general prescription: a redefinition of surface gravity

The paper contains an extensive study of the unified first law (UFL) in the Friedmann–Robertson–Walker spacetime model. By projecting the UFL along the Kodama vector the second Friedmann equation can be obtained. Also studying the UFL on the event horizon it is found that the Clausius relation cannot be obtained from the UFL by projecting it along the tangent to the event horizon...

Generalized Bekenstein–Hawking system: logarithmic correction

Subenoy Chakraborty 0 0 Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University , Kolkata, India The present work is a generalization of the recent work [arXiv.1206.1420] on the modified Hawking temperature

Dynamic wormholes with particle creation mechanism

Supriya Pan 0 Subenoy Chakraborty 0 0 Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University , Kolkata 700 032 , India The present work deals with a spherically symmetric space-time which is asymptotically

Quasi-spherical collapse with cosmological constant

The junction conditions between static and non-static space–times are studied for analysing gravitational collapse in the presence of a cosmological constant. We have discussed about the apparent horizon and their physical significance. We also show the effect of cosmological constant in the collapse and it has been shown that cosmological constant slows down the collapse of matter.