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Body farms

Body farms Sue Black 0 0 Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee , Dundee , UK - The laudable intentions of science to

Nose profile morphology and accuracy study of nose profile estimation method in Scottish subadult and Indonesian adult populations

This study investigated nose profile morphology and its relationship to the skull in Scottish subadult and Indonesian adult populations, with the aim of improving the accuracy of forensic craniofacial reconstruction. Samples of 86 lateral head cephalograms from Dundee Dental School (mean age, 11.8 years) and 335 lateral head cephalograms from the Universitas Padjadjaran Dental...

Comparing Machine Learning Classifiers and Linear/Logistic Regression to Explore the Relationship between Hand Dimensions and Demographic Characteristics

Understanding the relationship between physiological measurements from human subjects and their demographic data is important within both the biometric and forensic domains. In this paper we explore the relationship between measurements of the human hand and a range of demographic features. We assess the ability of linear regression and machine learning classifiers to predict...

Use of data to inform expert evaluative opinion in the comparison of hand images—the importance of scars

Graham Jackson 0 Sue Black 0 0 G. Jackson Advance Forensic Science, University of Abertay , Dundee, UK 1 ) Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee , Dundee, UK Evaluation

The incidence of scarring on the dorsum of the hand

Sue Black Briony MacDonald-McMillan Xanthe Mallett When undertaking image comparison of the hand between accused and perpetrator, it is not unusual for scars to be identified on the back of the

The Oldest Case of Decapitation in the New World (Lapa do Santo, East-Central Brazil)

We present here evidence for an early Holocene case of decapitation in the New World (Burial 26), found in the rock shelter of Lapa do Santo in 2007. Lapa do Santo is an archaeological site located in the Lagoa Santa karst in east-central Brazil with evidence of human occupation dating as far back as 11.7–12.7 cal kyBP (95.4% interval). An ultra-filtered AMS age determination on...