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Studying strategies and types of players: experiments, logics and cognitive models

How do people reason about their opponent in turn-taking games? Often, people do not make the decisions that game theory would prescribe. We present a logic that can play a key role in understanding how people make their decisions, by delineating all plausible reasoning strategies in a systematic manner. This in turn makes it possible to construct a corresponding set of...

Strategic Reasoning: Building Cognitive Models from Logical Formulas

Sujata Ghosh Ben Meijering Rineke Verbrugge This paper presents an attempt to bridge the gap between logical and cognitive treatments of strategic reasoning in games. There have been extensive

Logic and social interaction: introduction

Sujata Ghosh 0 R. Ramanujam 0 0 S. Ghosh Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen , Groningen, The Netherlands - There is now a growing body of research on formal algorithmic

Modelling simultaneous games in dynamic logic

We make a proposal for formalizing simultaneous games at the abstraction level of player’s powers, combining ideas from dynamic logic of sequential games and concurrent dynamic logic. We prove completeness for a new system of ‘concurrent game logic’ CDGL with respect to finite non-determined games. We also show how this system raises new mathematical issues, and throws light on...