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How light a higgsino or a wino dark matter can become in a compressed scenario of MSSM

Higgsinos and Wino have strong motivations for being Dark Matter (DM) candidates in supersymmetry, but their annihilation cross sections are quite large. For thermal generation and a single component DM setup the higgsinos or wino may have masses of around 1 or 2-3 TeV respectively. For such DM candidates, a small amount of slepton coannihilation may decrease the effective DM...

Multilepton signals of heavier electroweakinos at the LHC

As a sequel to our recent paper we examine the phenomenology of the full electroweakino sector of the pMSSM without invoking the ad hoc but often employed assumption that the heavier ones are decoupled. We showcase the importance of the heavier electroweakinos using several generic models with different hierarchies among the slepton and electroweakino masses. We obtain...

The electroweak sector of the pMSSM in the light of LHC - 8 TeV and other data

Using the chargino-neutralino and slepton search results from the LHC in conjunction with the WMAP/PLANCK and (g − 2) μ data, we constrain several generic pMSSM models with decoupled strongly interacting sparticles, heavier Higgs bosons and characterized by different hierarchies among the EW sparticles. We find that some of them are already under pressure and this number...