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A multicriteria adaptive opportunistic treecast routing protocol for multimedia dissemination in vehicle-to-vehicle telescreen

network latency by about 11% after 500m from the roadside unit. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sungchang Lee. Data curation: Ghulam Sarwar. Formal analysis: Ghulam Sarwar. Funding acquisition ... : Sungchang Lee. Investigation: Ghulam Sarwar. Methodology: Ghulam Sarwar. Project administration: Sungchang Lee. Resources: Ghulam Sarwar. Software: Ghulam Sarwar. Supervision: Sungchang Lee. Validation

Efficient Energy Flight Path Planning Algorithm Using 3-D Visibility Roadmap for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

, Attock, Pakistan Correspondence should be addressed to Sungchang Lee; Received 24 January 2017; Revised 28 September 2017; Accepted 9 October 2017; Published 4 December 2017 Academic

QoS and QoE Aware N-Screen Multicast Service

The paper focuses on ensuring the quality-of-service (QoS) and quality-of-experience (QoE) requirements of users having heterogeneous devices in a multicast session. QoS parameters such as bit rate, delays, and packet losses are good indicators for optimizing network services but fall short in characterizing user perception (QoE). In N-Screen service, the users have different...

N-Screen Aware Multicriteria Hybrid Recommender System Using Weight Based Subspace Clustering

This paper presents a recommender system for N-screen services in which users have multiple devices with different capabilities. In N-screen services, a user can use various devices in different locations and time and can change a device while the service is running. N-screen aware recommendation seeks to improve the user experience with recommended content by considering the...

A Network and Visual Quality Aware N-Screen Content Recommender System Using Joint Matrix Factorization

We propose a network and visual quality aware N-Screen content recommender system. N-Screen provides more ways than ever before to access multimedia content through multiple devices and heterogeneous access networks. The heterogeneity of devices and access networks present new questions of QoS (quality of service) in the realm of user experience with content. We propose, a...