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International Cooperation and Organizational Identities: The Evolution of the ASEAN Investment Regime

SUNGJOON CHO, THE SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS OF WORLD TRADE: NORMS, COMMUNITY AND CONSTITUTION (2015). constitutive infrastructure, such as international law and institutions.9 To them, any interstate cooperation is

Fructose diet alleviates acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice

. Data curation: George Chlipala. Formal analysis: Sungjoon Cho, Ashutosh Tripathi, George Chlipala, Stefan Green, Hyunwoo Lee, Hyunyoung Jeong. Funding acquisition: Eugene B. Chang, Hyunyoung Jeong ... . Investigation: Sungjoon Cho, Ashutosh Tripathi. Methodology: Sungjoon Cho, Ashutosh Tripathi. Project administration: Hyunyoung Jeong. Resources: Eugene B. Chang. Supervision: Hyunyoung Jeong. Writing

An International Organization’s Identity Crisis

International Organization’s Identity Crisis By Sungjoon Cho* Abstract: The ontological status of international organizations remains largely nebulous despite their contemporary prominence. Traditional ... ., 2000); SLAUGHTER, supra note 54; Sungjoon Cho, Transgovernmentalism: A New Jurisgenerative Mechanism (forthcoming) (on file with author). This idea of transgovernmental government networks dates back to

Anticompetitive Trade Remedies: How Antidumping Measures Obstruct Market Competition

Competition , 87 N.C. L. Rev. 357 (2009). Available at: Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; law; unc; edu/nclr - SUNGJOON CHO** Through trade policies such as antidumping remedies, the ... judicial and administrative interventions will lead the public and legislatorsalike to rethink the antidumpingstatute itself. * Copyright © 2009 by Sungjoon Cho. ** Associate Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent

Beyond Doha's Promises: Administrative Barriers as an Obstruction to Development

Costs, RIS Policy Brief No. 19, Nov. 2005, at 3, 9WiseGallagherNov05.pdf. 4. See generally Sungjoon Cho, Doha's Development, 25 BERKELEY J. INT'L L. 165

A Dual Catastrophe of Protectionism

Suppose that a consortium of wealthy and powerful local industries, acting through lawmakers captured by these industries, managed to pass a statute, damaging to the larger public welfare, purely for a protectionist purpose. Suppose further that this statute victimizes exports from a small, poor country such as Vietnam, to a large, rich country such as the United States, because ...