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The UK and EU Cross-Border Insolvency Recognition: From Empire to Europe to “Going It Alone”

Press (bepress). THE UK AND EU CROSS-BORDER INSOLVENCY RECOGNITION: FROM EMPIRE TO EUROPE TO “GOING IT ALONE” Susan Block-Lieb* * Cooper Family Professor in Urban Legal ... looked to privatize their economies after the fall of the Soviet Union and, again, as Europe prepared to react preventatively to the Asian Financial Crisis. See generally Susan Block-Lieb & Terence C

Turnaround: Reflections on the Present Day Influence of Negotiations on International Bankruptcy at the Fifth Session of the Hague Conference on Private International Law in 1925

Conferences for nearly thirty years. Susan Block-Lieb & Terence Halliday, Contracts and Private Law In the Emerging Ecology of International Lawmaking, in MAKING GLOBAL MARKETS WORK: CONTRACTS, PRICES AND ... )”. 103. Susan Block-Lieb & Terence Halliday, Settling and Concordance: Two Cases in Global Commercial Law , in TRANSNATIONAL LEGAL ORDERS 75 , 108 ( Terence Halliday & Gregory Shaffer eds., 2014

Accountability and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

FINANCIAL PROTECTION By Susan Block-Lieb* INTRODUCTION Industry and political actors oppose the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (the Bureau or CFPB) on the grounds that its institutional design ... Block-Lieb & Edward J. Janger, Reforming Regulation in the Markets for Home Loans, 38 FORD. URB. L.J. 681, 692 ( 2011 ). 22. President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Act into law on July 21, 2010. Dodd

Reforming Regulation in the Markets for Home Loans

Susan Block-Lieb & Edward J. Janger∗ The recent financial crisis has been variously explained as a crisis of financial gatekeepers, a crisis of consumer borrowing, and a crisis of unregu∗ Professor Block ... broad rulemaking authority and expertise, may be able to fill in the gaps left by Congress. 1. See Susan Block-Lieb & Edward J. Janger, Demand-Side Gatekeepers in the Market for Home Loans , 82 TEMP. L

Mandatory Protections as Veiled Punishments: Debtor Education in H.R. 975, The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act of 203

bankruptcy system - abuses supposedly perpetrated by consumer debtors. The bill does little to protect the © 2004 Susan Block-Lieb. All Rights Reserved. Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law ... effectuating their fresh start, mandatory debtor education may stand in the way of their bankruptcy discharge.... 3 10 See Corinne Baron-Donovan, Susan Block-Lieb, Karen Gross, Richard Wiener & Sean Wright

Incrementalisms in Global Lawmaking

or self-interest. 12. For further discussion of the legitimacy of UNCITRAL, see Susan Block-Lieb & Terence Halliday, Legitimation and Global Lawmaking, (Fordham L. Legal Studies Res. Paper No. 952492 ... , finally, UNCITRAL’s work follows on the heels of the earlier work of other in32. Susan Block-Lieb & Terence Halliday, Harmonization and Modernization in UNCITRAL’s Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law, TEX

Permissive Bankruptcy Abstention

more frequently than they abstain * © Susan Block-Lieb. ** Professor of Law, Seton Hall University School of Law (). I owe special thanks to Leif Clark, Howie Erichson, Ed Hartnett, Larry King, Dick ... detailed discussion of the limited jurisdiction ofnon-Article Imbankruptcy courts, see Susan Block-Lieb, The Cost ofa Non-Article III Banhruptcy CourtSystem, 72 AM. BANKR. L.J. 498 (1998). 18. See U.S

Case Against Supplemental Bankruptcy Jurisdiction: A Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Analysis

In this Article Professor Block-Lieb critically examines the power of a federal district or bankruptcy court to adjudicate jurisdictionally insufficient claims which arise out of a common nucleus of operative fact with a proceeding which “arises under” the Bankruptcy Code, or “arises in” or “relates to” a bankruptcy case. After considering Article III of the United States...

Fishing in Muddy Waters: Clarifying the Common Pool Analogy as Applied to the Standard for Commencement of a Bankruptcy Case

FISHING IN MUDDY WATERS: CLARIFYING THE COMMON POOL ANALOGY AS APPLIED TO THE STANDARD FOR COMMENCEMENT OF A BANKRUPTCY CASE SUSAN BLOCK-LIEB 0 0 Associate Professor, Seton Hall University Law ... -15 (1973) [hereinafter REPORT ON BANKRUPTCY LAws] (arguing that "failure to pay" standard provides more effective relief for creditors); Susan Block-Lieb, Why So Few CreditorsFile

Why Creditors File So Few Involuntary Petitions and Why the Number Is Not Too Small

Susan Block-Lieb* With its enactment of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 19781 Congress abolished the "acts of bankruptcy ' 2 as the standard for commencement of involuntary bankruptcy cases, and replaced it ... -766) (commonly referred to as "BAFJA"). See also Susan Block-Lieb, Using Legislative History to Interpret Bankruptcy Statutes, in BANKRUPTCY PRACTICE AND STRATEGY 2-1, 2-8 (Alan N. Resnick ed., 1987

Lesson From the Trenches: Debtor Educator in Theory and Practice

Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law Susan Block-Lieb Karen Grossy Richard L. Whitez z Copyright c 2002 by the authors. Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law is produced by The ... Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2002 Article 13 1. Susan Block-Lieb is a Professor of Law at Fordham Law School: <>. Karen Gross is a Professor of Law at New York