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How radiation influences atherosclerotic plaque development: a biophysical approach in ApoE \(^{{-/-}}\) mice

Atherosclerosis is the development of lipid-laden plaques in arteries and is nowadays considered as an inflammatory disease. It has been shown that high doses of ionizing radiation, as used in radiotherapy, can increase the risk of development or progression of atherosclerosis. To elucidate the effects of radiation on atherosclerosis, we propose a mathematical model to describe...

On the issue of costs in programmatic assessment

Programmatic assessment requires labour and cost intensive activities such as feedback in a quantitative and qualitative form, a system of learner support in guiding feedback uptake and self-directed learning, and a decision-making arrangement that includes committees of experts making a holistic professional judgment while using due process measures to achieve trustworthy...

Heart rate lowering treatment leads to a reduction in vulnerable plaque features in atherosclerotic rabbits

. Hoeks, JeÂroÃme Roussel, Mat J. A. P. Daemen, Harry Struijker-Boudier, Joachim E. Wildberger, Sylvia Heeneman, M. Eline Kooi. Data curation: Raf H. M. van Hoof, Evelien Hermeling, M. Eline Kooi. Formal ... analysis: Raf H. M. van Hoof, Evelien Hermeling. Funding acquisition: Arnold P. G. Hoeks, Mat J. A. P. Daemen, Harry Struijker-Boudier, Sylvia Heeneman, M. Eline Kooi. Investigation: Raf H. M. van Hoof

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI to Study Atherosclerotic Plaque Microvasculature

University , P.O. Box 616, Maastricht 6200 MD , The Netherlands 2 Sylvia Heeneman Rupture of a vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque of the carotid artery is an important underlying cause of clinical ischemic ... manuscript. Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of Interest Raf H.M. van Hoof declares grant support from CTMM. Sylvia Heeneman declares no conflict of interest. Joachim E. Wildberger declares grant

Cathepsin K Deficiency Prevents the Aggravated Vascular Remodeling Response to Flow Cessation in ApoE-/- Mice

Cathepsin K (catK) is a potent lysosomal cysteine protease involved in extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation and inflammatory remodeling responses. Here we have investigated the contribution of catK deficiency on carotid arterial remodeling in response to flow cessation in apoE-/- and wild type (wt) background. Ligation-induced hyperplasia is considerably aggravated in apoE...

Genetic and Pharmacological Modifications of Thrombin Formation in Apolipoprotein E-deficient Mice Determine Atherosclerosis Severity and Atherothrombosis Onset in a Neutrophil-Dependent Manner

Background Variations in the blood coagulation activity, determined genetically or by medication, may alter atherosclerotic plaque progression, by influencing pleiotropic effects of coagulation proteases. Published experimental studies have yielded contradictory findings on the role of hypercoagulability in atherogenesis. We therefore sought to address this matter by extensively...

Endothelial Surface Layer Degradation by Chronic Hyaluronidase Infusion Induces Proteinuria in Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice

Objective Functional studies show that disruption of endothelial surface layer (ESL) is accompanied by enhanced sensitivity of the vasculature towards atherogenic stimuli. However, relevance of ESL disruption as causal mechanism for vascular dysfunction remains to be demonstrated. We examined if loss of ESL through enzymatic degradation would affect vascular barrier properties in...

NO-Donating Aspirin and Aspirin Partially Inhibit Age-Related Atherosclerosis but Not Radiation-Induced Atherosclerosis in ApoE Null Mice

Background We previously showed that irradiation to the carotid arteries of ApoE−/− mice accelerated the development of macrophage-rich, inflammatory atherosclerotic lesions, prone to intra-plaque hemorrhage. In this study we investigated the potential of anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant intervention strategies to inhibit age-related and radiation-induced atherosclerosis...