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Heat transfer analysis on rotating flow of a second-grade fluid past a porous plate with variable suction

. 99 ( 1993 ), no. 1-4 , 21 - 33 . [8] T. Hayat , Q. Abbas , S. Asghar , A. M. Siddiqui , T. Farid , and G. Murtaza, Flow of an elasticoviscous fluid past an infinite wall with time-dependent suction ... , Acta Mech . 153 ( 2002 ), no. 3- 4 , 133 - 145 . [9] T. Hayat , S. Asghar , and A. M. Siddiqui , Periodic unsteady flows of a non-Newtonian fluid , Acta Mech . 131 ( 1998 ), no. 3-4 , 169 - 175 . [10

Peristaltic Motion of Carreau Fluid in a Channel with Convective Boundary Conditions

inclined asymmetric channel , Comm Nonlinear Sci Numer Simul 13 ( 2008 ), 1782 . [3] N. Ali and T. Hayat , Peristaltic motion of a Carreau fluid in an asymmetric channel , Appl Math and Comput 193 ( 2007 ... ), 535 . [4] D. Tripathi , Numerical study on peristaltic transport of fractional bio-fluids , J Mech Med Biol 11 ( 2011 ), 1045 . [5] T. Hayat , S. Abelman , E. Momoniat and F.M. Mahomed , Magnetic field

Effect of Slip on Peristaltic Flow of Powell-Eyring Fluid in a Symmetric Channel

: Application of an endoscope , Appl Math Inform Sci 2 ( 2008 ), 103 - 111 . [7] T. Hayat , S. Hina , A.A. Hendi and S. Asghar , Effect of wall properties on the peristaltic flow of a third grade fluid in a ... -vessels , Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 18 ( 2013 ), 1970 - 1988 . [13] M.M. Rashidi , T. Hayat , E. Erfani , S.A. Mohimanian Pour and A.A. Hendi , Simultaneous effects of partial slip and

The flow of a non-Newtonian fluid induced due to the oscillations of a porous plate

), no. 1-2 , 113 - 123 . [14] T. Hayat , S. Asghar , and A. M. Siddiqui , Periodic unsteady flows of a non-Newtonian fluid , Acta Mech . 131 ( 1998 ), no. 3-4 , 169 - 175 . [15] , On the moment of a plane ... . [17] T. Hayat , M. R. Mohyuddin , S. Asghar , and A. M. Siddiqui , The flow of a viscoelastic fluid on an oscillating plate , Z. Angew. Math. Mech . 84 ( 2004 ), no. 1 , 65 - 70 . [18] C.-H. Hsu and K

Peristaltic transport of an Oldroyd-B fluid in a planar channel

of our knowledge, the peristaltic motion of Maxwell fluid has not been discussed so far. Acknowledgment References T. Hayat wishes to acknowledge the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation ... (Bonn, Germany) for this research. [16] [17] [18] [19] [45] T. Hayat: Department of Mechanics, Darmstadt University of Technology, Hochschulstraße 1, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany Current address: Department

Mixed convection flow of Casson fluid over a stretching sheet with convective boundary conditions and Hall effect

This learning pacts with the MHD mixed convection flow of Casson fluid over a stretching surface. Examination is achieved in presence of Hall and thermal radiation effects. Heat and mass transfer analysis is deliberated subject to convective boundary conditions. The boundary layer partial differential equations are concentrated into ordinary differential equations via similarity...

Theoretical investigation of the doubly stratified flow of an Eyring-Powell nanomaterial via heat generation/absorption

The mixed convective flow of an Eyring-Powell nanomaterial in a doubly stratified medium is addressed in this paper. The stretching surface has varying thickness. The nanofluid model given by Buongiorno is utilized in the formulation of energy and concentration expressions. Heat generation is also retained. Ordinary differential systems are obtained by utilizing the...

Nonlinear thermal radiation in flow induced by a slendering surface accounting thermophoresis and Brownian diffusion

, X. Zheng , L. Ma, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 55 , 7577 ( 2012 ). 3. M. Khan , W.A. Khan , J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. Eng . 38 , 2359 ( 2016 ). 4. M. Waqas , T. Hayat , M. Farooq , S.A. Shehzad , A ... . Alsaedi , J. Mol. Liq . 220 , 642 ( 2016 ). 5. M.I. Khan , M. Waqas , T. Hayat , A. Alsaedi , J. Colloid Interface Sci . 498 , 85 ( 2017 ). 6. T. Hayat , M.I. Khan , M. Waqas , A. Alsaedi , T. Yasmeen, Chin

Numerical simulation for peristalsis of Carreau-Yasuda nanofluid in curved channel with mixed convection and porous space

Main theme of present investigation is to model and analyze the peristaltic activity of Carraeu-Yasuda nanofluid saturating porous space in a curved channel. Unlike the traditional approach, the porous medium effects are characterized by employing modified Darcy’s law for Carreau-Yasuda fluid. To our knowledge this is first attempt in this direction for Carreau-Yasuda fluid. Heat...

Magnetohydrodynamic Flow by a Stretching Cylinder with Newtonian Heating and Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reactions

This article examines the effects of homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions and Newtonian heating in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow of Powell-Eyring fluid by a stretching cylinder. The nonlinear partial differential equations of momentum, energy and concentration are reduced to the nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Convergent solutions of momentum, energy and reaction...

Radiative Squeezing Flow of Second Grade Fluid with Convective Boundary Conditions

Influence of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow between two parallel disks is considered. Heat transfer analysis is disclosed due to thermal radiation and convective boundary condition. Appropriate transformations are invoked to obtain the ordinary differential system. This system is solved using homotopic approach. Convergence of the obtained solution is discussed. Variations of...

Rotating Flow of Magnetite-Water Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface Inspired by Non-Linear Thermal Radiation

Present study explores the MHD three-dimensional rotating flow and heat transfer of ferrofluid induced by a radiative surface. The base fluid is considered as water with magnetite-Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Novel concept of non-linear radiative heat flux is considered which produces a non-linear energy equation in temperature field. Conventional transformations are employed to obtain...

A useful model for solar radiation

Hussain T , Hayat T , Shehzad SA , Alsaedi A , Chen B ( 2015 ) A model of solar radiation and Joule heating in flow of third grade nanofluid . Z Naturforscung A 70 : 177 - 184 Ibrahim W , Makinde OD ( 2013

Effects of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Flow of Powell-Eyring Fluid Past an Exponentially Stretching Sheet

The aim here is to investigate the effects of convective heat and mass transfer in the flow of Eyring-Powell fluid past an inclined exponential stretching surface. Mathematical formulation and analysis have been performed in the presence of Soret, Dufour and thermal radiation effects. The governing partial differential equations corresponding to the momentum, energy and...

Numerical Study of Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux Model for Viscoelastic Flow Due to an Exponentially Stretching Surface

This work deals with the flow and heat transfer in upper-convected Maxwell fluid above an exponentially stretching surface. Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model is employed for the formulation of the energy equation. This model can predict the effects of thermal relaxation time on the boundary layer. Similarity approach is utilized to normalize the governing boundary layer equations...

Three-Dimensional Flow of Nanofluid Induced by an Exponentially Stretching Sheet: An Application to Solar Energy

This work deals with the three-dimensional flow of nanofluid over a bi-directional exponentially stretching sheet. The effects of Brownian motion and thermophoretic diffusion of nanoparticles are considered in the mathematical model. The temperature and nanoparticle volume fraction at the sheet are also distributed exponentially. Local similarity solutions are obtained by an...

Thermal and Concentration Stratifications Effects in Radiative Flow of Jeffrey Fluid over a Stretching Sheet

of local Nusselt and local Sherwood numbers. Conceived and designed the experiments: T. Hayat T. Hussain SAS AA. Performed the experiments: T. Hayat T. Hussain SAS AA. Analyzed the data: T. Hayat T ... . Hussain SAS AA. Contributed reagents/materials/ analysis tools: T. Hayat T. Hussain SAS AA. Wrote the paper: T. Hayat T. Hussain SAS AA. 1. Kothandapani M , Srinivas S ( 2008 ) Peristaltic transport of a

On Computations for Thermal Radiation in MHD Channel Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer

This study examines the simultaneous effects of heat and mass transfer on the three-dimensional boundary layer flow of viscous fluid between two infinite parallel plates. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) and thermal radiation effects are present. The governing problems are first modeled and then solved by homotopy analysis method (HAM). Influence of several embedded parameters on the...

Erratum to: Peristaltic flow of a nanofluid in a non-uniform tube

Physics, Faculty of Science, King Saud University , P.O. Box 1846, Riyadh 11321 , Saudi Arabia 1 N. S. Akbar (&) S. Nadeem T. Hayat Department of Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University 45320 , Islamabad 44000