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Rheological and Flow Properties of Gas Hydrate Suspensions

The problem of hydrate blockage of pipelines in offshore production is becoming more and more severe with the increase of the water depth. Conventional prevention techniques like insulation or methanol injection are reaching their limits. Injection of antiagglomerant additives and/or presence of natural surfactants in crude oils give us a new insight into hydrate prevention...

Discussion of Agglomeration Mechanisms between Hydrate Particles in Water in Oil Emulsions

Line blockage due to gas hydrate formation in water/oil emulsions can be understood by considering the increase in the effective volume fraction of dispersed particles in the hydrate slurry. This increase is the result of an agglomeration process that takes place during hydrate formation. Two mechanisms of agglomeration reported in the literature are discussed. The first one is...

Modeling Aging and Yielding of Complex Fluids: Application to an Industrial Material

Complex fluids either natural or encountered in numerous industrial processes are often composed of several phases constituting emulsions, suspensions, foams or other colloidal dispersions. Many of these complex fluids may be described in a general manner as “soft-jammed systems” which have the ability to undergo a solid-liquid transition when submitted to a sufficient stress...

Relation between Nanoscale Structure of Asphaltene Aggregates and their Macroscopic Solution Properties

. Palermo 2 S. Simon 0 0 Ugelstad Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) , 7491 Trondheim - Norway 1 Laboratoire Léon Brillouin, CEA