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Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of Plasmodium vivax Control

, Imperial College London , London , United Kingdom 4 Universität Basel , Basel , Switzerland 5 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute , Basel , Switzerland 6 Authors' addresses: Michael T. White ... Howes are thanked for helpful discussions. Two anonymous reviewers are thanked for helpful comments. Michael T. White was supported by a Population Health Scientist Fellowship from the MRC. This is an

Deepwater Chondrichthyan Bycatch of the Eastern King Prawn Fishery in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The deepwater chondrichthyan fauna of the Great Barrier Reef is poorly known and life history information is required to enable their effective management as they are inherently vulnerable to exploitation. The chondrichthyan bycatch from the deepwater eastern king prawn fishery at the Swain Reefs in the southern Great Barrier Reef was examined to determine the species present and...

Spatial Effects on the Multiplicity of Plasmodium falciparum Infections

As malaria is being pushed back on many frontiers and global case numbers are declining, accurate measurement and prediction of transmission becomes increasingly difficult. Low transmission settings are characterised by high levels of spatial heterogeneity, which stands in stark contrast to the widely used assumption of spatially homogeneous transmission used in mathematical...

Correction: Antidepressant and Neurocognitive Effects of Isoflurane Anesthesia versus Electroconvulsive Therapy in Refractory Depression

Iacob Mikala Saccoman Andrea T. White Joshua D. Landvatter Gordon J. Chelune Yana Suchy Elaine Clark Michael K. Cahalan Lowry Bushnell Derek Sakata Alan R. Light Kathleen C. Light The following

Integrated Taxonomy Reveals Hidden Diversity in Northern Australian Fishes: A New Species of Seamoth (Genus Pegasus)

T. White 0 1 0 Australian National Fish Collection, National Research Collections Australia, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation , Hobart, Tasmania , Australia 1 Editor

Site amplification in the Kathmandu Valley during the 2015 M7.6 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake

The 25th April 2015 M7.6 Gorkha earthquake caused significant damage to buildings and infrastructure in both Kathmandu and surrounding areas as well as triggering numerous, large landslides. This resulted in the loss of approximately 8600 lives. In order to learn how the impact of such events can be reduced on communities both in Nepal and elsewhere, the Earthquake Engineering...

African Savanna-Forest Boundary Dynamics: A 20-Year Study

Recent studies show widespread encroachment of forest into savannas with important consequences for the global carbon cycle and land-atmosphere interactions. However, little research has focused on in situ measurements of the successional sequence of savanna to forest in Africa. Using long-term inventory plots we quantify changes in vegetation structure, above-ground biomass (AGB...

The descriptive epidemiology of accelerometer-measured physical activity in older adults

Background Objectively measured physical activity between older individuals and between populations has been poorly described. We aimed to describe and compare the variation in accelerometry data in older UK (EPIC-Norfolk) and American (NHANES) adults. Methods Physical activity was measured by uniaxial accelerometry in 4,052 UK (49–91 years) and 3459 US older adults (49–85 years...

A New Species of Eagle Ray Aetobatus narutobiei from the Northwest Pacific: An Example of the Critical Role Taxonomy Plays in Fisheries and Ecological Sciences

Recent taxonomic and molecular work on the eagle rays (Family Myliobatidae) revealed a cryptic species in the northwest Pacific. This species is formally described as Aetobatus narutobiei sp. nov. and compared to its congeners. Aetobatus narutobiei is found in eastern Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea and southern Japan. It was previously considered to be conspecific with...

Effects of Including Misidentified Sharks in Life History Analyses: A Case Study on the Grey Reef Shark Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos from Papua New Guinea

Fisheries observer programs are used around the world to collect crucial information and samples that inform fisheries management. However, observer error may misidentify similar-looking shark species. This raises questions about the level of error that species misidentifications could introduce to estimates of species’ life history parameters. This study addressed these...

Synergism from combinations of infection-blocking malaria vaccines

Michael T White 0 David L Smith 0 Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling, Imperial College , London , UK Plasmodium falciparum infections

Modelling the contribution of the hypnozoite reservoir to Plasmodium vivax transmission

Plasmodium vivax relapse infections occur following activation of latent liver-stages parasites (hypnozoites) causing new blood-stage infections weeks to months after the initial infection. We develop a within-host mathematical model of liver-stage hypnozoites, and validate it against data from tropical strains of P. vivax. The within-host model is embedded in a P. vivax...

Current development of carbon capture and storage in the UK: a non-technical review

This study reviewed the current situation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) development in the UK, mainly within the last 10 years in general. It looked at the positive ways to implement the CCS technologies, including the geological advantages, potential sector growth, financial incentives and the support in the policies. Current projects were brought forward together with...

Take This House and Shove It: The Emotional Drivers of Strategic Default

Default , 63 SMU L. Rev. 1279, 2010 - THE EMOTIONAL DRIVERS OF STRATEGIC DEFAULT Brent T. White* An increasingly influential view is that strategic defaulters make a rational choice to default ... ."). 6. See Brent T. White, Underwaterand Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis,45 WAKE FOREST L. REV. (forthcoming Fall 2010), available at

The design and statistical power of treatment re-infection studies of the association between pre-erythrocytic immunity and infection with Plasmodium falciparum

Michael T White 0 Jamie T Griffin 0 Azra C Ghani 0 0 MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London , Norfolk Place, London W2

Teaching undergraduate students to draw phylogenetic trees: performance measures and partial successes

Background An in-depth understanding of the process and products of evolution is an essential part of a complete biology education. Phylogenetic trees are a very important tool for understanding evolution and presenting evolutionary data. Previous work by others has shown that undergraduate students have difficulty reading and interpreting phylogenetic trees. However, little is...

Transmission and Control of Plasmodium knowlesi: A Mathematical Modelling Study

Introduction Plasmodium knowlesi is now recognised as a leading cause of malaria in Malaysia. As humans come into increasing contact with the reservoir host (long-tailed macaques) as a consequence of deforestation, assessing the potential for a shift from zoonotic to sustained P. knowlesi transmission between humans is critical. Methods A multi-host, multi-site transmission model...

Saving Face: The Benefits of Not Saying I’m Sorry

See Talk-Radio Host Don Imus Apologizes for On-Air Racial Slurs Against Rutgers Women's Basketball Team, FOXNEWS.COM, Apr. SAVING FACE: THE BENEFITS OF NOT SAYING I'M SORRY BRENT T. WHITE Nearly ... them to publicly apologize). 9. Brent T. White, Say You’re Sorry: Court-Ordered Apologies as a Civil Rights Remedy, 91 CORNELL L. REV. 1261, 1261 (2006). 10. See Lee Taft, Apology Subverted: The

Simulating inadequate dialysis and its correction using an individualized patient-derived nomogram

Colin T. White 0 ) Division of Nephrology, BC Children's Hospital, University of British Columbia , 4480 Oak Street, ACB K4-151, V6H 3V4 Vancouver, BC, Canada Optimization of the peritoneal

Rapid Fishery Assessment by Market Survey (RFAMS) – An Improved Rapid-Assessment Approach to Characterising Fish Landings in Developing Countries

The complex multi-gear, multi-species tropical fisheries in developing countries are poorly understood and characterising the landings from these fisheries is often impossible using conventional approaches. A rapid assessment method for characterising landings at fish markets, using an index of abundance and estimated weight within taxonomic groups, is described. This approach...