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Interaction of Tax Incentives and Performance Requirements in Bilateral Investment Treaties: Its Role in Implementing Right Institutions in Developing Countries

FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL [Vol. Fordham International Law Journal David Collins Tae Jung Parky DAVID COLLINS* TAE JUNG PARK** After a failure of the Washington Consensus, many recommend

Isolated trapdoor-type medial blowout fracture in an adult presenting horizontal diplopia treated by endoscopic endonasal approach

Orbital blowout fracture frequently occurs along the floor or medial aspect of the orbital wall, which are the two thinnest areas of the bony orbit. True trapdoor injury of the orbit is less common and is rare as an isolated medial wall injury, because the medial orbital wall has several bony septa within the ethmoid sinus that provide support and decrease the risk of a trapdoor ...