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Diagnostic performance of the (1–3)-β-D-glucan assay in patients with Pneumocystis jirovecii compared with those with candidiasis, aspergillosis, mucormycosis, and tuberculosis, and healthy volunteers

Lee, Sun-Mi Kim, Sung-Han Kim. Investigation: Heungsup Sung, Se Yoon Park. Methodology: Heungsup Sung, Taeeun Kim, Sung-Han Kim. Project administration: Sung-Han Kim. Resources: Se Yoon Park, Hyun ... Jeong Lee, Sun-Mi Kim. Software: Hyo-Ju Son. Supervision: Heungsup Sung, Se Yoon Park, Taeeun Kim, Sang-Ho Choi, Yang Soo Kim, Jun Hee Woo. Validation: Heungsup Sung, Taeeun Kim, Yong Pil Chong, Sang

Molecular detection of Coxiella burnetii from the formalin-fixed tissues of Q fever patients with acute hepatitis

Background Serologic diagnosis is one of the most widely used diagnostic methods for Q fever, but the window period in antibody response of 2 to 3 weeks after symptom onset results in significant diagnostic delay. We investigated the diagnostic utility of Q fever PCR from formalin-fixed liver tissues in Q fever patients with acute hepatitis. Methods We reviewed the clinical and...