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Anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents in large N CFTs

We examine anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents in the critical O(N) scalar model and the Gross-Neveu model in arbitrary d dimensions. These two models are proposed to be dual to the type A and type B Vasiliev theories, respectively. We reproduce the known results on the anomalous dimensions to the leading order in 1/N by using conformal perturbation theory. This work can ...

More on non-supersymmetric asymmetric orbifolds with vanishing cosmological constant

We explore various non-supersymmetric type II string vacua constructed based on asymmetric orbifolds of tori with vanishing cosmological constant at the one loop. The string vacua we present are modifications of the models studied in [14], of which orbifold group is just generated by a single element. We especially focus on two types of modifications: (i) the orbifold twists ...

Non-supersymmetric asymmetric orbifolds with vanishing cosmological constant

We study type II string vacua defined by torus compactifications accompanied by T-duality twists. We realize the string vacua, specifically, by means of the asymmetric orbifolding associated to the chiral reflections combined with a shift, which are interpreted as describing the compactification on ‘T-folds’. We discuss possible consistent actions of the chiral reflection on the ...