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Survival time of juvenile pen shell Atrina pectinata (Bivalvia: Pinnidae) in hyposaline water

Survival time of juvenile pen shell Atrina pectinata (shell length ≈ 34 mm) exposed to hyposaline water without sediments was investigated in laboratory experiments. The bivalves were individually maintained in rearing cups in which salinity was decreased either gradually (over 1–11 h to 12 salinities ranging from 0 to ca. 34 ppt) or rapidly (directly to 21 salinities) at 12 and...

Impediment to Symbiosis Establishment between Giant Clams and Symbiodinium Algae Due to Sterilization of Seawater

To survive the juvenile stage, giant clam juveniles need to establish a symbiotic relationship with the microalgae Symbiodinium occurring in the environment. The percentage of giant clam juveniles succeeding in symbiosis establishment (“symbiosis rate”) is often low, which is problematic for seed producers. We investigated how and why symbiosis rates vary, depending on whether...