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Friction characteristics of mechanically exfoliated and CVD-grown single-layer MoS2

and surface damage characteristics of atomically thin (2D) materials. Chinh Tam LE. He received his B.S. degree in material science in 2012 from Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Science in Vietnam

Configuration of redundant drive wire mechanism using double actuator modules

A new wire mechanism called “redundant drive wire mechanism” (RDWM), driven by double actuator modules (DAMs) is introduced. When RDWM is used for producing multi-directional motions using DAMs, the number of wires increases and the wire matrix would become complicated. This makes finding and checking the candidates difficult. Therefore, we introduce an easier and simpler...

Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Galloyl Derivatives and Antidiabetic Activities of Acer ginnala

Chromatographic isolation of the 80% MeOH extract of Acer ginnala (AG) yielded seven galloyl derivatives: gallic acid (1), ginnalin B (2), acertannin (3), maplexin D (4), maplexin E (5), quercetin-3-O-(2′′-galloyl)-α-L-rhamnopyranoside (6), and kaempferol-3-O-(2′′-galloyl)-α-L-rhamnopyranoside (7). This is the first study to report the isolation of compounds 4 and 5 from AG...

A novel semi-automatic image processing approach to determine Plasmodium falciparum parasitemia in Giemsa-stained thin blood smears

Background Malaria parasitemia is commonly used as a measurement of the amount of parasites in the patient's blood and a crucial indicator for the degree of infection. Manual evaluation of Giemsa-stained thin blood smears under the microscope is onerous, time consuming and subject to human error. Although automatic assessments can overcome some of these problems the available...