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Experiencing integration: a qualitative pilot study of consumer and provider experiences of integrated primary health care in Australia

Tanisha Jowsey Anne Parkinson Kirsty A. Douglas Paresh Dawda 0 Centre for Mental Health Research, Research School of Population Health, The Australian National University , 63 Eggleston Rd, Acton ACT 2601

Perceptions of purpose, value, and process of the mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in anesthesia training

design. Damian J. Castanelli, Yan Chen, Jennifer M. Weller, and Tanisha Jowsey were involved in the data analysis. Damian J. Castanelli and Tanisha Jowsey were involved in manuscript writing. Yan Chen was

Time spent on health related activities associated with chronic illness: a scoping literature review

review Tanisha Jowsey*, Laurann Yen and Paul Mathews W Background: The management of health care, particularly for people with chronic conditions, combines the activities of health professionals

Time to care? Health of informal older carers and time spent on health related activities: an Australian survey

Background Little is known about the time spent on specific health related activities by older adult informal carers who assist people with chronic illness. Research has not yet addressed the association between carer health status and their care demands. Such information could inform policy and health system efforts to manage chronic illness. Methods We conducted an Australia...

Multimorbidity and Comorbidity of Chronic Diseases among the Senior Australians: Prevalence and Patterns

Understanding patterns and identifying common clusters of chronic diseases may help policymakers, researchers, and clinicians to understand the needs of the care process better and potentially save both provider and patient time and cost. However, only limited research has been conducted in this area, and ambiguity remains as those limited previous studies used different...

Strategic approaches to enhanced health service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic illness: a qualitative study

BackgroundAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic illness confront multiple challenges that contribute to their poor health outcomes, and to the health disparities that exist in Australian society. This study aimed to identify barriers and facilitators to care and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic illness.MethodsFace-to-face...

With good intentions: complexity in unsolicited informal support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A qualitative study

Background Understanding people's social lived experiences of chronic illness is fundamental to improving health service delivery and health outcomes, particularly in relation to self-management activity. In explorations of social lived experiences this paper uncovers the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic illness experience informal...

Time’s Up. Descriptive Epidemiology of Multi-Morbidity and Time Spent on Health Related Activity by Older Australians: A Time Use Survey

Most Western health systems remain single illness orientated despite the growing prevalence of multi-morbidity. Identifying how much time people with multiple chronic conditions spend managing their health will help policy makers and health service providers make decisions about areas of patient need for support. This article presents findings from an Australian study concerning...

The experience of living with chronic heart failure: a narrative review of qualitative studies

Yun-Hee Jeon 0 Stefan G Kraus 0 Tanisha Jowsey 0 Nicholas J Glasgow 0 The Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute; Menzies Centre for Health Policy, The Australian National University