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Kinetic of bone turnover markers after osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures in postmenopausal female

Osteoporotic fracture occurs mostly at the spine, in which the commonest one is vertebral compression fracture. Bone turnover markers (BTMs) can be applied to assess bone formation and resorption activity. Nevertheless, there are few reports on BTMs changes after osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture. The aim of this study is to investigate the kinetics of bone turnover...

Characterization of Mycoplasma gallisepticum pyruvate dehydrogenase alpha and beta subunits and their roles in cytoadherence

surface display system. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shaohui Wang, Chan Ding. Data curation: Jingjing Qi, Fanqing Zhang. Formal analysis: Lei Tan, Shaohui Wang, Mingxing Tian, Tao Li

Comparison of the Long-Term Outcomes of Endoscopic Papillary Large Balloon Dilation Alone versus Endoscopic Sphincterotomy for Removal of Bile Duct Stones

; moc.361@616pcrebg Received 20 January 2018; Revised 31 March 2018; Accepted 26 April 2018; Published 2 July 2018 Academic Editor: Tatsuya Toyokawa Copyright © 2018 Tao Li et al. This is an open ... acquisition; and Tao Li performed data analysis and wrote the manuscript, and Biao Gong supervised it. All authors approved the final version of the text. Acknowledgments The authors thank all the staffs from

Expression of MicroRNAs in the Urinary Sediment of Patients with IgA Nephropathy

Disease Markers 0278-0240 Expression of microRNAs in the urinary sediment of patients with IgA nephropathy Gang Wang 0 Bonnie Ching-Ha Kwan 0 Fernand Mac-Moune Lai 1 Kai-Ming Chow 0 Philip Kam-Tao

Quantitative assessment of the clinical susceptibility of calcium-sensing receptor polymorphisms in cancer patients

Quantitative assessment of the clinical susceptibility of calcium-sensing receptor polymorphisms in cancer patients Haohai Huang,1 Tao Li,2 Dan Liao,3,4 Zhu Zhu,4 Yong Dong5 1Department of Science

Optical control of polarization in ferroelectric heterostructures

, LuxembourgJorge Íñiguez AuthorsSearch for Tao Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Alexey Lipatov in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Haidong Lu

Multiple Criteria Decision Making Approach with Multivalued Neutrosophic Linguistic Normalized Weighted Bonferroni Mean Hamacher Operator

The neutrosophic set and linguistic term set are widely applied in recent years. Motivated by the advantages of them, we combine the multivalued neutrosophic set and linguistic set and define the concept of the multivalued neutrosophic linguistic set (MVNLS). Furthermore, Hamacher operation is an extension of the algebraic and Einstein operation. Additionally, the normalized...

The effects of genetic variation and environmental factors on rhynchophylline and isorhynchophylline in Uncaria macrophylla Wall. from different populations in China

: Xiao-Jun Ma. Investigation: Yan-Hong Guan, Hai-Tao Li, Shu-Gen Wei, Li-Xia Zhang. Methodology: Mei-Fang Song, Zhong-Lian Zhang. Project administration: Zhong-Lian Zhang, Xiao-Jun Ma. Resources: Mei ... -Fang Song, Yan-Hong Guan, Hai-Tao Li, Zhong-Lian Zhang. Supervision: Zhong-Lian Zhang, Xiao-Jun Ma. Writing ? original draft: Mei-Fang Song. Writing ? review & editing: Mei-Fang Song, Zhong-Lian Zhang

Full N,N-Methylation of 4,4′-Methylenedianiline with Dimethyl Carbonate: A Feasible Access to 4,4′-Methylene bis(N,N-Dimethylaniline)

The full N,N-methylation of 4,4′-methylenedianiline (MDA) with dimethyl carbonate (DMC) was investigated. The yield of the major product 4,4′-methylene bis(N,N-dimethylaniline) (MBDMA) reached as high as 97% over NaY catalyst at 190°C for 6 h. The catalyst could be used for two more times with acceptable MBDMA yields higher than 90%. The main by-products were identified as three...

Short- and long-term prognostic value of hyponatremia in patients with acute coronary syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis

) S1 File. PRISMA checklist. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qiang-Qiang Ma, Feng Ma. Data curation: Qiang-Qiang Ma, Xiu-De Fan, Tao Li, Yuan-Yuan Hao. Formal analysis: Qiang-Qiang Ma ... , Xiu-De Fan, Yuan-Yuan Hao. Investigation: Qiang-Qiang Ma, Xiu-De Fan, Yuan-Yuan Hao. Methodology: Qiang-Qiang Ma, Xiu-De Fan, Tao Li, Yuan-Yuan Hao. Project administration: Qiang-Qiang Ma, Feng Ma

Comparative transcriptome profiling of Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici during compatible and incompatible interactions with sister wheat lines carrying and lacking Pm40

Conceptualization: Yinping Liang, Min Zhang, Xin Li, Guoshu Gong, Xiaoli Chang, Shengwen Tang, Tao Li, Peigao Luo. Data curation: Yuting Hu, Yinping Liang, Xin Li, Xiaoli Chang, Shengwen Tang, Peigao Luo. Formal ... analysis: Yuting Hu, Yinping Liang, Feiquan Tan, Jing Shang. Funding acquisition: Min Zhang, Guoshu Gong, Peigao Luo. Investigation: Yuting Hu, Xiaoli Chang, Tao Li. Methodology: Yinping Liang, Feiquan

3D printing of high-strength bioscaffolds for the synergistic treatment of bone cancer

(BE2016763), and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission-Gaofeng Clinical Medicine Grant Support (20152224). Author information Author notes These authors contributed equally: Hongshi Ma, Tao Li ... for Hongshi Ma in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Tao Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zhiguang Huan in:Nature Research journals

Experimental Study on Mechanical and Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Rock Samples under Different Stress Paths

A series of tests on characteristics of acoustic emission have been performed on sandstone under uniaxial, conventional, and triaxial conditions and the unloading confining pressure path. The failure mode of rock specimen has been scanned by CT and a three-dimensional reconstruction was made. The differences on characteristics of AE, mechanics, and the failure mode of sandstone...

Failure Analysis of Cathode Materials for Energy Storage Batteries in Overcharge Test

The micro-analysis of energy storage batteries in overcharge test at 20°C temperature was investigated. The results showed as follows: (1) Compared with the normal battery charge at room temperature scanning microscope maps of battery overcharge, the crystal was fractured of the positive surface when the battery was overcharging, and with the increase of experimental time, the...

Degree sums and dense spanning trees

Simons Foundation (No. 245307). Author Contributions Data curation: Yingqi Gao, Qiankun Dong. Resources: Tao Li. Software: Yingqi Gao, Qiankun Dong. Writing ± original draft: Tao Li, Yingqi Gao, Hua ... Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Tao Li, Qiankun Dong, Hua Wang. 11 / 12 1. BazlamacËci C , Hindi K. Minimum-weight spanning tree algorithms:A survey and empirical study , Computers and Operations

Dendritic Cells in Sepsis: Pathological Alterations and Therapeutic Implications

Sepsis is the leading cause of death for critically ill patients in recent years. Dendritic cells (DCs) are important antigen-presenting cells and play a key role in immune response by regulating the innate and adaptive immunity. The number of DCs, the differentiation of monocytes into DCs, and the levels of surface molecules associated with the function of DCs are changed in the...

Effects of hydrogenated TiO2 nanotube arrays on protein adsorption and compatibility with osteoblast-like cells

Effects of hydrogenated TiO2 nanotube arrays on protein adsorption and compatibility with osteoblast-like cells Ran Lu,1–3,* Caiyun Wang,1–3,* Xin Wang,1 Yuji Wang,3 Na Wang,1 Joshua Chou,4 Tao Li

MRI combined with PET-CT of different tracers to improve the accuracy of glioma diagnosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Based on studies focusing on positron emission tomography (PET)-computed tomography (CT) combined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of glioma, we conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating the pros and cons and the accuracy of different examinations. PubMed and Cochrane Library were searched. The search was conducted until April 2017. Two...

Impact of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell immunomodulation on the osteogenic effects of laponite

BackgroundWith the development of osteoimmunology and bone tissue engineering (BTE), it has been recognized that the immunomodulatory properties of bone biomaterials have considerable impact in determining their fate after implantation. In this regard, the polarization of macrophages secondary to biomaterials is postulated to play a crucial role in modulating their osteogenesis...

Plasma complement component 4 increases in patients with major depressive disorder

Plasma complement component 4 increases in patients with major depressive disorder Jinxue Wei,* Ye Liu,* Liansheng Zhao, Xiao Yang, Peiyan Ni, Yingcheng Wang, Tao Li, Xiaohong Ma Psychiatric ... c enter, West c hina h ospital of sichuan University , chengdu, china 1 liansheng Zhao Xiao Yang Peiyan Ni Yingcheng Wang Tao li Xiaohong Ma Elevation of plasma inflammatory factors in major